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Measure Wind Energy’s Carbon Footprint With This API.

If you are trying to measure the emissions from wind energy, you are going to read the perfect article. We are going to explain to you how to generate, in simple steps, the information that you need.

The wind is one of the best greenways to produce energy. Wind-generated over 1800 TWh of electricity in 2021, accounting for over 6% of global electricity and 2% of global energy. Global installed wind power capacity will hit 800 GW in 2021, with about 100 GW added largely in China and the United States. Experts say this must develop far more quickly than 1% of annual electricity generation to help fulfill the Paris Agreement goals for mitigating global warming.

Although it is a great way to reduce the production of CO2 with fossil fuels, it has its own emissions. If you need to know its emissions, today you are able to do that. Those results will help you to make decisions that will allow you to improve your carbon footprint. You’ll be able to choose active or passive ways, and you’ll be able to manage by yourself or with a company. However, the most important thing is to be in knowledge of how much CO2 your wind energy is producing nowadays, and if you need, you are able to know how much it has produced up to one year ago.

The best method of obtaining the footprint factor is to utilize carbon calculators. These are simple and user-friendly platforms where you just need to introduce your data on wind energy required, and after pressing a button, you’ll read the results. What is far more important is that no specific knowledge is required to use these applications.

So, if you are interested in taking your chance to try one of these carbon calculators, we are able to recommend that you use CarbonAPI. This is not a simple suggestion. We have studied and analyzed the wide range of competitors on the web and have arrived at this conclusion.

Carbon API.

CarbonAPI is an application that calculates your carbon footprint based on your emissions-producing activities.

It has a number of features, including daily and updated carbon reporting and the ability to compute emissions in a variety of units (kg, km, tonnes, and so on) depending on your requirements. This API is aimed at assisting in the fight against global warming.

To begin your zero-emission path, calculate your carbon footprint with CarbonAPI.

  • It’s easy to put into practise.

The CarbonAPI cloud architecture makes integrating user interfaces a breeze. Make the API integration reflect your company’s style, feel, and functionality. Specific endpoints and integration possibilities are detailed in our developer documentation.

  • Real-time emissions are computed.

CarbonAPI calculates emissions in terms of production units per hour, material consumption units per hour, or any other unit that has an emission component.

  • Reporting on openness and transparency

You can store up to a year’s worth of consumption in your account. CarbonAPI reported CO2 emissions in kilos. This API also offers you with use graphs for analysis.

Join the CarbonAPI community today.

1- Fill out the registration form on the CarbonAPI website.

2- Fill up the blanks with your data.

3-Check and double-check your e-mail address.

For more information, visit FAQs CarbonAPI.

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