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More synonyms with an AI paraphrasing API using Java

Are you looking for new strategies to expand your vocabulary? Do you need something at hand while you’re writing? You can start with an AI paraphrasing API!

Perhaps, in your job, you were ordered to write about a topic that you know very little about because the person who was always in charge of that topic is not there. Or they may modify the organization of tasks within the publishing company. Consequently, you have to write about something that you don’t have up-to-date information on, nor do you know which are its specific keywords. And we know that the latter is relevant when it comes to appearing first in searches, always talking about digital media. There are a lot of aspects involved when you write articles that will be published online, and you have to respect every redaction standard.

Also, you have to start, you have several daily items to fulfil, and you don’t have a lot of time to do extensive research. In this article, we are going to contribute with a solution. Then, we’ll spread a tool created with cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence. And perhaps, that’s the best way to better up your tasks.

In this sense, you are not only going to update your vocabulary, but you are going to renew your work tools. This type of communication circuit that we’ll describe can be part of your writing program or your internet search. Its main advantages are agility and precision in responding.

AI paraphrasing API

More synonyms with an AI paraphrasing API like Plaraphy

The advantage of importance for you is the synonyms list from this tool. Once you send your request to Plaraphy‘s API, you’ll get a return in seconds. It’s recommended to check always what it sent you first. This way, if you disagree with the outcome, you can modify it by tapping on the word. Immediately, it’ll appear a list of choices, and you can opt for one.

Sometimes, an error can appear, so you need to pay attention, but it’s a secure tool and accurate. Its technology includes high grammar standards and good readability. Also, it includes writing modes to shape paraphrasing.

AI paraphrasing API

Get an enterprise plan to work with an AI paraphrasing API

Plaraphy has multiple alternatives to utilize it. If you want to test how it works in the first place, you can go to its site and try. Subsequently, you can go to the ‘pricing’ section and see every paid plan. We strongly suggest hiring one of those packs because they have more characters to use and several API calls at your service.

Moreover, if you work for an enterprise and you’ll have to make multiple requests, and maybe your colleges too, there’s also an option. The Enterprise Pricing subscription offers an unlimited quantity of API queries per month, a team dedicated to giving technical support and many more services. You can ask for more details, and it costs via chat support or Plaraphy‘s email.

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