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Ranking of the best metals API for developers in 2022

Are you looking for a guide to choosing the best metals API for developers? We have a curated list for you!

The acronym sums up three words: Application Programming Interfaces. In the first place, we define it as a set of protocols and definitions that developers use to develop and integrate the application’s software, which allows communication between the system of two apps through a group of rules. It settles how both systems will communicate with each other. APIs can have one or many functionalities depending on the service they offer.

Necessarily, these APIs require permissions to have access to data. APIs work as a vehicle of information between two software. They are the invisible part of web pages or applications; consequently, they are the internal circuits developers connect to make a system work. A user will only be able to witness the results given by the API.

An API helps developers save time and money: you don’t need to create everything from the start because you can complete the new service with an existing API you can request from a supplier. Also, it represents an advantage when a developer needs just one functionality from a specific service.

Ranking of the best metals API for developers in 2022

Three options of best metals API for developers


Ranking of the best metals API for developers in 2022

This API is the tool developers are looking for due to its simplified functionalities and easy code examples. The priority regarding customers is developers. In only ten minutes, the API is installed and working. It works with JSON callbacks, a guarantee of high-speed response. Among its multiple features, it has single currency conversions Endpoints aside from real-time data on precious metals.

Start by creating a free account with an hour of time-response and enjoy its accessibility.


Ranking of the best metals API for developers in 2022

With fifty-four years of experience in the world market of gold and silver, this company offers specifically via API 25 currencies. Plus, a Live Metal Spot prices service for first economies’ currencies such as USD, EUR, CAD and AUD. It also has a live feed from FOREX exchanges. Besides, it features prices in carats, troy ounces and grams.

If you are doubting choosing a subscription, you can try this API without the initial cost of service. Then, you can change to a paid one when you need. The charge is monthly.


Ranking of the best metals API for developers in 2022

This company has been in activity since the late seventies. It became well-known early everywhere as a top metal trader and provider. Kitco‘s skills stand out in the market of precious metals such as palladium, rhodium, gold, silver and platinum.

In addition, their services have a presence in over eighty countries around the globe. The audience of this company is counted in millions every day. If you have any doubts or problems with a transaction, there’s a telephone available and chat support.

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