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Refocus old texts in new modes with a paraphrasing API

Have you been writing for too long? Are you considering a renovation according to new purposes? In this article, you’ll find a paraphrasing API to refocus old texts!

Generally, there’s a moment to recycle early texts for every writer, maybe some that fell into oblivion because they got old. Moreover, it gets worst if they work in the academic sector. The path of an investigator can be very messy and go backwards at any time just because the research requires it. Sometimes, updating old texts is mandatory when you feel incapable of coming up with something new, and it’s impossible to avoid sending something.

The recycling activity isn’t only about changing a title or keywords. Sometimes a partial modification of the essay’s subject is inevitable too. When you’re in the situation of a noticeable makeover, a complete reformulation of entire paragraphs will also look better. It’s in this moment when everything seems more complicated, and your first thought is to abandon the task.

Nevertheless, after the crisis will be necessary to order the ideas and return to work. But you don’t need to figure it all out, lonely. There’s an API that can help you with the reinvention of your documents whenever you need it.

Refocus old texts in new modes with a paraphrasing API
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Plaraphy, a paraphrasing API to refocus old texts

Above all, we’re suggesting an easy-to-access API to simplify a little your job. You can start by exploring the free trial, this way will be possible to learn how to use it first, and then you can subscribe to get more advantages.

Plaraphy offers a rephraser tool that you can combine with the option to summarize the text and even gives you the writer’s state of mind when the author wrote it. Besides, it will be necessary to choose a mode to make the rephrase. The alternatives are standard, which preserves the original meaning of the words from the original text. Second, there is a fluency mode to transform your paragraphs into something easier to read. In third place, with Plaraphy, you’ll have the opportunity to refocus your old texts in a creative style. This last option is the best choice to prevent your work from plagiarism.

Choose a Plaraphy plan to refocus old texts with a paraphrasing API

Before, we talked about the free trial that has 200 hundred characters. If you prefer the web tool, you can find it here But you can generate an API key to combine with other programs and have Plaraphy even closer. In that case, you can pick a paid subscription with a thousand characters and ten thousand requests each month. You will have to pay every month, and you can upgrade it whenever you want.

Refocus old texts in new modes with a paraphrasing API

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