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Startup news: Propster wants to simplify special requests for construction

The Viennese startup “Propster – the special wish master” has developed a tool with which real estate developers, property developers and apartment buyers can communicate even during a construction project. The startup now has more than 30 B2B customers in the real estate industry.

Construction projects can quickly end in chaos and disappointed customer expectations. Apart from dubious companies that do not stick to agreements, this is usually due to a lack of communication between developers and housing buyers. In addition, it becomes even more complicated when customers express special requests – that is, to deviate from the standard design of a living or office unit.

The Viennese startup Propster has set itself the goal of solving precisely this problem. For this, Milan Zahradnik, founder and CEO, and his team have developed a tool to unify the communication of all persons involved in the construction project. In the meantime, Propster has around 30 B2B clients from the real estate industry who use the tool to respond more individually to the wishes of their customers.

From decision-making to defect management

The Propster tool is very diverse in terms of its features and can be used in the most different phases of a real estate project – from the beginning of the marketing to the subsequent defect management. However, according to the startup, the documentation of special requests of the customers is at the center. This includes, for example, the decision-making regarding the sampling of furniture. In addition, Propster promises to simplify the communication between developer and apartment buyer in order to avoid misunderstandings during the implementation of the project.

Propster wants to solve problem in the real estate industry

The 37-year-old founder Zahradnik worked for about ten years as managing director of a digital agency. During his career, he also met with many players in the real estate industry. He came to the conclusion that the implementation of special requests was extremely cumbersome. “Up to now there has not been a functioning solution in Europe and beyond for handling special requests for real estate projects. On the contrary, real estate developers as well as housing buyers have massive problems with this topic and unnecessarily waste enormous resources every day. “This also gave birth to the idea of using the Propster platform to create a clear communication interface for property developers and home buyers.

Cared for 4,500 residential and office units

Among the clients of Propster include 6B47 Real Estate Investors, IC Development and Park Real Estate. According to Propster B2B customers have already taken care of about 4,500 residential and office units with the tool. In addition, the startup according to own data after only few months after establishment cash flow positive. Currently, Propster employs twelve people.

In addition, according to Propster, an international expansion is planned. In these weeks, an own office in Munich was opened, further locations in Germany are already in planning.

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