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Startups grow faster than ever

More sales, more awareness, more profit – How can you be ahead and grow your startup fast? Dominik Mayer is Chief Development Officer of the growth-hacking company “Hackabu” and helps companies grow.

In “Start Me Up” he gives tips on getting bigger and tells why fast growth can also have a lot of pitfalls.

17 million euros for the startup USound from Graz, 25 million euros for the video platform Botmovin from Carinthia and 45 million euros for the Viennese startup TourRadar.

If you look at the domestic startup market then the times look good. Investments in startups have risen by a quarter across the country. With the growth hacking company Hackabu, Dominik Meyer wants to help domestic startups to be in the forefront.

How to use videos and micro-influencers properly – and why in the short term, higher corporate figures can even be harmful, he says in “Start Me Up”!

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