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Summarize texts in a few seconds

Do you find it boring to summarize texts? Do you need to do it anyway? Then, we’ll describe an API that can do this task for you in only a few seconds!

Perhaps, you’ve been an investigator for a long time now, and you’re in the middle of a makeover regarding old papers, and each one of them needs a summary. All in all, they always have a deadline, and you can’t miss it. Or all your semester’s exams are close, and you’re running out of time. Maybe you have a lot of backlog work that you need to take off quickly from your shoulders and make room for something else.

Above all, learning how to summarize is a helpful skill because it shows how much you understand the subject you are talking about in only a couple of sentences. With the proper connection of keywords, it’s possible to give a complete and short overview of any text. But at some point, maybe you get tired of doing it every day, or you don’t have that much time.

In those situations, when you think you can’t handle it on your own, there’s a tool that can save your day. Keep reading, and you’ll find out!

summarize texts

Plaraphy to summarize texts in a few seconds

The assistance from this API goes from paraphrasing and sentiment analysis to summarising whatever you paste on it. It’s a simple procedure that you can try without paying by using the web tool. You can find it here: In a shorter time than a minute, you’ll receive an answer with the result. It’s crucial to say that, for the moment, you can paste only English texts.

The other alternative is to create an account for yourself. First, you can do it for free and then choose a paid subscription. If you choose the paid plan, you’ll have more characters to copy and summarize longer paragraphs.

In brief, you can start with Plaraphy by utilizing the web tool, then incorporate the extension or use the API key that this company gives you when you create the account. At the moment, it’s unavailable a mobile app.


Customer service with Plaraphy to summarize texts

First things first, if any result gives you an error, let the support group know because it can be a mistake from the system. But if you overlap two alphabets by mistake, it won’t give you a proper answer. Likewise, if you don’t place the spaces between words correctly, the answer will be erratic.

In either case, you can start a conversation via chat or send an email to ask for help. Through emergencies, the answer only takes a few minutes.

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