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Swiss startup issues shares completely via blockchain

Once again, there is a message on an innovation with Blockchain participation from the Alpine Republic of Switzerland. Why is? Startup Alethena has decided to issue shares by blockchain. And only in this way.

New company uses Blockchain as the only emission approach

Now the time has come: There is the first company in Switzerland to issue new shares not only with the inclusion of blockchain as an alternative variant of the issue. Other companies that issued shares in this way have used the Blockchain in addition to the normal output path. So the systems of Bitcoin and other coins can also be used. As an innovative startup, the Swiss consulting firm Alethena is about to issue securities to shareholders only in this way. According to today’s company announcement, almost 40 shareholders are convinced of this idea in the first step and therefore participated in the capital increase.

The basis of the output is the Ethereum system

The shares issued relate to this very measure, which was recently implemented. For the shareholders and their new registered shares, this means that no classical equity portfolio is required anymore. This shows once more, which benefit the blockchain of Ethereum has, because this serves as a basis. Independence from normal banking systems pays off. Transfers of shares as well as the trade itself could not only be faster, but above all cheaper. At the startup, which incidentally belongs to the company Equility, it is clear that the path is moving from a legal point of view to previously largely unexplored terrain. Of course, one guarantees its shareholders a secure legal framework.

Blockchain stock trading – a fast and safe way

Of course, there is an entry in the commercial register, and the Federal Office had to give the go ahead. As far as shareholder rights are concerned, they have the same rights as investors who have purchased shares in the “classical” way. The exciting thing about the new approach is that stocks can be transferred extremely quickly via the app. This in turn could enable companies to procure equity quickly and transparently in the future.

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