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Why do you search Fortnite’s ‘black hole’ code on Google Maps? This is the truth

On Sunday, October 13, various users returned to social networks not only to detail what is happening in the new Fortnite event, but an unusual event that caused the entire map of the Epic Games video game to disappear completely.

Various theories have caused users to despair and have not found a solution from Fortnite. Even the official Twitter page of the game erased all his tweets and left the black hole in sight. What happened?

Although the event still persists, some users have wanted to find some unknowns. And to solve it, they decided to go to Google Maps. Why?

It turns out that those who stared at the black hole discovered for a few seconds a series of numbers that made no apparent sense. The digits in question were “11 146 15 62”, but did not respond to any coordinate or to the same Epic Games game.

These are the strange coordinates that are shown in the black hole of Fortnite. (Photo: Capture)

However, if you place those coordinates in Google Maps, the first link that launches you is from a place that seems to be a beach next to a forest, where hundreds of crabs walk towards the beach as a kind of migration. Will it have something to do with Fortnite or is it a random image?

At the moment it is not known what is the relationship between this place that is on Christmas Island, which is a territory without self-government of Australia in the Indian Ocean, 2360 kilometers northwest of Perth, in the state of Western Australia, a 360 kilometers south of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia and 975 kilometers from the Cocos Islands.

In the island that can be seen in Google Maps live about 1500 people, divided into villages at the northern end of it. The settlements are called: Silver City, Kampong, Poon Saan and Drumsite.

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