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Text-to-Speech Can Boost Your Brand

Have you ever tried to improve your marketing strategy with a Text-to-Speech tool? In this article, we tell you how your brand messaging would benefit by only adding this feature to your website. 

Nowadays, communication is so important that businesses are constantly trying to find better ways to get to their clients. If you are one of them, you need to know about AI tools. What does an API do? In a few words, is a programming interface that works as a data bridge with another app. 

Text-to-Speech Can Boost Your Brand

This would be, for example, a text-to-speech tool. This amazing software converts the text from your website into personalized audio. As a consequence, those entered on your page could hear the content without reading it, like a podcast or a radio program. The voice you choose would be your brand ambassador and that can boost the impact your company would have.

One of the most popular and effective TTSs APIs is Woord, The name is like ‘word’ because its function is directly linked with languages and terms. How does it work? Simple: you search on Google and immediately have access to its landing page. Then, you can type some words in the bar or paste a link and click on the Speak It button. Or you might click on Online Reader for extra applications.

The best attributes of this app are the large variety of languages and accents. Yes! You can costume the voice your clients are going to hear when they click on the option. The alternatives are from Spanish to Turkish and from American English to Australian English.

Also, you could choose between female or male AI speakers, depending on the spirit and values of your brand. If your target identifies with another gender, like one from the LGTBI+ specter, you should take the neutral voice option. All these voices sound natural and have the intonations, the pace, and the inflections of a human. You can edit them if you want.

Text-to-Speech Can Boost Your Brand

Another piece of information that you’d be glad to hear! The only thing you have to do to embed Wood on your website or app is to create an account. You could try it for free, even add the extension to your Chrome navigator. Later, you have two premium plans to upgrade your growth with commercial use, higher quality, and a private audio library.

Once you’ve read this, what are you waiting for? Join Woord users and make your website reach the next level.

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