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Three Of The Best Plagiarism Checkers Compared

Are you looking for the most efficient and accurate copyright detector API? If that is the case, read to the end because here we will share with you our conclusions about three of the best plagiarism checkers compared.

Fortunately, these days, you can find several plagiarism detectors available online. These APIs are developed to help you find any similarity content your text could present, and avoid you from being penalized by Google or any other online searcher.

This is why these plagiarism checkers are widely used among content creators, bloggers, writers, journalist or even science communicators who want to ensure to publish both unique and original content.

Furthermore, these AI plagiarism checkers have started to be used among teachers who value originality in their students essays. Therefore, they are tools widely used in the academic environments and totally necessary to encourage independence of thinking and high level research papers.

Therefore, if you are an educator who seeks for a tool that can help you develop this task as a professional, or a communicator that needs to achieve high-quality in the content to publish, we think you may make a good use of the information below. We have compared the three best plagiarism detectors, so you can know all you need about them when choosing the one you will use. 

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Plaraphy is the best plagiarism detector available online in 2022. Unlike many others copyright APIs, its user-friendly design can help you analyze your text just in a few clicks. Moreover, you can upload any format of content, such as Word documents, PowerPoints, PDFs, and this API will check it for plagiarism in one minute.

Besides, its creative mode can paraphrase content completely, leaving no risk to plagiarism. Furthermore, it can help you find the exact words to communicate the ideas you want to express, and offer several synonyms options in order to be as accurate as you can be.  Those are the reasons why we strongly recommend this plagiarism detector API.


This API is one of the best plagiarism detectors and will undoubtedly help you achieve originality when publishing an article or submitting a paper. But, differently from Plaraphy, it can present annoying adds that can distract you from your task. Besides, with its free plan you can only analyze up to 1,000 words, though you have the possibility to upgrade with a premium plan. 


This plagiarism detector can help you look for any coincidence your text may have with other published work. But, just as Duplichecker, you can only analyze up to 1,000 words for free. Anyway, its premium plan is very recommended, as it offers complete reports of plagiarism portions of text, the percentage of it that has been copied, and the original sources in case you need to paraphrase. 

Now we have compared the best three plagiarism detectors available online in 2022, you can make your own choice and see which of them suits your needs better. Start trying them right now, enjoy their benefits and take advantage of them!

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