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Tips for startups. How to get ideas “out of the box”?

Maria Luisa Fuchs is the founder and CEO of Mia Lou AG ( A wide smile wanders over her face as she talks about her business, her ideas and future plans. Lights, camera, action:

“My whole heart is in it”

Maria Luisa carries her business idea to naps. The brand and the product she has built is 100% Maria Luisa aka Mia Lou. When asked about her alternatives, she immediately says, “There is no Plan B because it will work. The nice thing about a startup at this age is that you have some experience and patience. Of course, an exit plan is a must, “she adds. Maria Luisa has created a 3-year plan, wants to continue growing organically and is looking for partners who may want to band together to expand the product line.

Marketing ideas “out of the box”

Maria Luisa founded her company more than a year ago. In a collaboration, she has developed and produced her own hair dye and hair care products, which she ships in Switzerland and abroad. Customers of order once or by subscription, receive online a consultation on their website, via e-mail or Skype. The end result is a box, a set of tools, with everything you need to dye your hair. Maria Luisa loves her relationship with her customer base. And I realized it – it’s important to her that everyone gets exactly what they need for their perfect hair.

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