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Top 3 Useful APIs To Summarize Texts For Journalists

Summarizing texts can be a lengthy process. So, can a text summarizer make it easier? Find more about it by reading this article!

Text summarizers are one of the main requirements of online marketing. Blogs, in particular, require this aspect of content creation more than anything else. Now, Google requires you to write exciting meta descriptions.

And, since Google owns about 85% of the search engine market, bloggers better listen to what it has to say and address this requirement accordingly. So how exactly do you do that? Also, how can a text summary help you?

A text summarizer is a software that can automatically summarize large blocks of text. It can be used to condense information from research papers, books and articles. The software analyzes the content of a document and identifies its most important points.

It will then present those points in a way that is easy for the reader to understand. Some key things about a text summarizer include:

  • Text summaries are often used in academic essays and newspaper articles.
  • They are also used in the workplace for tasks such as shortening e-mails or reports.
  • Text summarizers use natural language processing and machine learning to shorten and summarize text.
  • Text summarizers are perfect for busy people who want to read the gist of an article without having to read it in its entirety.
Top 3 Useful APIs To Summarize Texts For Journalists

These are the reasons why text summarizers have become such a popular tool in the writing and journalism community. They can take longer texts and turn them into short ones in a few seconds. At the same time it saves significant time and effort for the writer.

For SEO writers, they can help you:

  • Create metadata
  • Write a prominent social media summary
  • Summarize blogs at the click of a button.

So, not only do they save time, but they are an essential part of SEO copywriting. For journalists, mainly long-form blog writers, these tools can help write summaries that fully capture the essence of their writing.


Top 3 Useful APIs To Summarize Texts For Journalists

The Plaraphy API is a Text Analysis tool with various features, in addition to performing summarization on the text you provide it also offers rewriting, paraphrasing, plagiarism checker, sentiment analysis, classifier and text extractor from the url you indicate.

Moreover, an API like Plaraphy, which can alter any word, phrase, or paragraph, might be beneficial for reasons apart from summarizing when you are short on time and lacking in originality. It give you a selection of synonyms to decide from, in three distinct modes—standard, fluent, and creative—which gives you stronger influence over through the attitude of your writing.


Top 3 Useful APIs To Summarize Texts For Journalists

TextCortex is an option that may help you create high-quality texts in a couple of seconds with a number of features targeted to your particular writing issues. Unlike others, it can be downloaded and used with all of the features, enabling you to fully test the tool and decide whether it works for you.

Since TextCortex employs trained use-case models to create unique, original content that is clear of plagiarism and grammatically correct, you do not need to use additional features to test that. Additionally, unlike GPT-3-based alternatives, this AI tool does not completely recycle old content, so you will always have native, straightforward content that you can use.


Top 3 Useful APIs To Summarize Texts For Journalists

The summarizing tool from this company admits texts in different languages. You’ll find the summarizer feature after a click on the ‘paraphrasing tool’ option. On this site:, you’ll find a list of functionalities, including the text summarizing. You can share a file from the cloud you use regularly or upload one. The algorithm intends to convert a three or four paragraphs text into only one.

Besides, with this writing program, you’ll have the support of plagiarism checker APIs to prevent duplication. And if you subscribe to a paid account, you’ll enjoy more advantages.

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