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Use The Smartest Categorization Technology Available In 2023

Do you want to categorize your information methodically? There is a new API that will effortlessly solve all your problems. This is the smartest and most desired tool on the market. This will find all the data you want in just a second and organize it into various categories so that you can easily access it.

Klazify API is the precisest tool you will ever find for data searching and sorting. You will never have to pay for overpriced services that don’t even fulfil your needs again. With this data classifier, all you have to do is click and the whole world will be in the palm of your hands. This categorizing tool offers the most complete and accurate search. It will classify everything it founds within 385 possible categories! This API also bases its classification taxonomy on the IAB V2 standard, which makes it accessible to everyone. Marketing segmentation, online filtering, 1-1 personalization and more. And lastly. this data classificator can get you any logo you want. Regardless of the company it represents, with just a search you will find all you want.

Why is it the smartest?

Well, this Klazify API is unlike any system because it offers four main features that will help you and your research. First, there is the category structures that it offers. You have the possibility to choose from three different top-level categorization systems. Do you need a deep and clear classification? Or a more simple structure? Whichever you need, this API can do it. Second, you will have a complete list of all the links to all the social media channels a company has. Third, you can have any and every logo on the fly. This API works in real-time, so you will get results even for the newest and most obscure brands. Lastly, the four main feature is the most noticeable one. It uses a new machine learning engine system to scan any website’s content.

Klazify API is the number one tool for searching and sorting

What else should you know?

Everyone can use this text classification tool. Are you looking for companies’ emails to make a marketing campaign? Or do you want to make a unique logo that looks like no other? Or maybe you are searching for a company’s data? This is your API. Regardless of what your job is, this will come in handy. And it is meant to be for everyone because of how easy it is to use as well.

All you have to do is sign up and get your access key. An access key is a unique combination of letters, numbers and various digits that will create a personalized and individual code. With it, you will have access to all the Klazify API‘s endpoints and services. You have three different endpoints. The domain endpoint, the URL endpoint and the email endpoint. All three of the function very similarly.

You have two different plans you can subscribe to. One is the “Pro” plan, which offers 10,000 API calls a month for $89.00 USD. And the other one is the “Plus” plan, which includes 100,000 API calls for $790.00 USD a month. You can change plans whenever you feel like doing so.

Klazify API‘s website

Our email contact is [email protected] but you will receive immediate replies through our chatting room. It offers said assistance from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (GMT+1). Moreover, don’t forget to check the API’s website and read more about it!

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