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Web editor’s relief: five SEO content rewriter APIs

Are you a web editor? Do you need to pick up one SEO content rewriter, and you don’t know which one? In the following article, you’ll read a list of APIs that will help you!

You have been studying for a while to become a successful content writer. At the moment, you think you’ve learnt everything possible on the subject, and you want to work as a freelancer. Despite everything you have done, you feel insecure and need permanently to check everything you write.

Now, you’re aware that SEO is crucial to be found on the internet to succeed. There are many things to contemplate when accomplishing SEO writing standards. Consequently, a tool adapted to those kinds of requirements can be life-changing. In the list below, you’ll find the description of five options that are a guarantee of success.

Web editor's relief: five SEO content rewriter APIs

Five SEO content rewriter APIs to start now

Web editor's relief: five SEO content rewriter APIs

We talk about this tool in the first place because you have the guarantee of originality with it. Besides, it rewrites texts without duplicate content from others. Also, you can copy any text you want, including blog redactions. One good advantage of utilizing this kind of API with AI is that you can change the result if you think it’s not correct or can be better. There’s a list of synonyms and other groups of words available to make modifications.

Web editor's relief: five SEO content rewriter APIs

With this second option, the possibility of being found on the Google search reaches 100%. It also has human quality in the rewritings without consuming extra time from you. Another point is that you’ll be able to turn one text into two or three in only a few seconds. For sure, you’ll avoid monotonously writings and refine language structure. WordAi will always offer new ways to create sentences and has a free trial to start whenever you can!

Web editor's relief: five SEO content rewriter APIs

This third alternative has ‘Engaging content’ as the company’s signature. The truth is that good content optimizes the search. In that way, everyone will read what you write because it’s relevant and well written. You can incorporate it into your search, choose an APP, and if you are a developer, there’s an API available. Finally, for foreign customers, this tool has a translation feature.

Other alternatives regarding SEO content rewriter APIs

Web editor's relief: five SEO content rewriter APIs

Here you have many features in one: article rewriter with AI-based paraphraser. You can use it in multiple languages on their website: Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian and German. One crucial point is that you can use the paraphrasing tool on your phone. Conversely, this tool maintains the meaning of words and only changes the order of the sentences. With the free trial, you access two writing modes, standard and fluency.

Web editor's relief: five SEO content rewriter APIs

It has a composition with keywords in all languages, a paraphrasing tool and a plagiarism checker for more than fifty foreign languages. Also, you’ll find here a free trial to start. With paid subscriptions, there are more than five writing modes to use. You’ll get an answer in seconds to make your job easier.

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