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Why And How A Plagiarism Checker Is Important For Students

Do you want to know why and how a plagiarism checker is important for students? Then,  you should take a look at this article and find out. 

Plagiarism is a serious issue. Most of the students thinks that it is enough with being careful when writing and essay or a thesis in order to not commit any copyright infringement. Nevertheless, surely this is obviously required, but it is neither sufficient nor efficient. 

Besides, possibilities to copy someone else’s words or ideas are high if you have spent too many hours paraphrasing, consulting different sources and quoting other authors. By doing that, attention can be weakened, and you may get distracted.

Why And How A Plagiarism Checker Is Important For Students
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Even if they want to check if there are any copied words in their papers, they usually limit to copy some phrases on Google and find out whether if any published article includes them or not. If you do this, you may see there is not any, and still have committed plagiarism without even having noticed it. 

What Happens If You Submit A Plagiarized Paper?

Sometimes, the assessment process of teachers includes making sure you did not copy anyone’s ideas and that you were 100 percent original in your work. This can include investigation research in order to find out whether if you committed plagiarism or not. In the other hand, some universities allow a small grade of duplicated words, but you should still be certain you did not exceed that threshold.

In worst cases, submitting a plagiarized paper can lead to severe sanctions and cause irreversible harm to your career, as well as damage to your reputation and academical education obstructed. Therefore, you should not hesitate to use a plagiarism detector. 

What is the importance of plagiarism detectors?

This verification software programs are made to help you achieve both academic excellency and integrity. In order to do that, they provide large databases to make exhaustive searches for matches in your text with already published papers. If there are any, they will allow you to identify them, so you can make appropriate arrangements before submitting it. 

In addition to that, some of them also offer various synonyms to duplicated words, so you can replace them and improve your text. Besides, plagiarism APIs usually provide original sources of copied text in order to enable you to quote them correctly or paraphrase their ideas and avoid copying them.

What Is The Best Plagiarism Detector?

As previously said, if you want to be sure you did not comment any copyright infringement, the best thing you can do is to use these tools. Therefore, we highly recommend you Plaraphy, a cutting-edge technology API that detects plagiarism just with a few clicks. 

Why And How A Plagiarism Checker Is Important For Students

This saas has helped students, writers, bloggers, journalists and even teachers to prevent plagiarism by providing a complete package of tools that will help you ensure you are being fully original. Besides, Plaraphy’s free plan allows checking up to 50,000 words and do 5 searches all over the web and provides wider cross-reference repositories to identify portions of duplicated text.

Now you are aware of both dangerous of plagiarism and a high-level tool to avoid it, you only need to start using it and see the results by yourself!

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