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Best Text To Speech Softwares With All Accents

Is listening to different accents an enjoyable thing for you? Then you need these tools in your life!

Voice has captivated people since the rise of speech. Everybody loves that feeling while being around the fire listening to a good story. And in today’s civilised world, with all its screens and symbols, people have found a new way to connect with orality (e.g. audiobooks and podcasts).

That’s because of text to speech (TTS) technology’s existence. These widgets that have advanced over time can turn any text-based material into lifelike audio. As a result, with TTS, we can hear our favourite content –any content, actually– in their respective tongue, letting us enjoy the riches of the human language.

Best Text To Speech Softwares With All Accents

To individuals that speak many languages or just relish the sound of other cultures, these tools surely are the invention of the century. Not to mention you can implement the technology in your daily life, anywhere and anytime: at work, while running, cooking, commuting and in other activities you can think. For that reason, we bring you some of the best text to speech softwares with diverse accents.


Best Text To Speech Softwares With All Accents

Woord is the right tool for you if you’re seeking realistic voices. This TTS comes with a long number of features. To begin with, you can pick a language from a wide range of nations and dialects (Mexican Spanish, American English, Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Mandarin Chinese, and more). It also allows you to select whether your voice is male, female, or gender-neutral.

Furthermore, Woord has comprehensive audio options that allow you to customise your spokespeople at will. You may modify the pace, choose your preferred device profile, and use the SSML editor to emphasise, whisper, arrange phonemes, and add pauses, among other things.

Azure Microsoft

Best Text To Speech Softwares With All Accents

Azure Microsoft has the ability to convert text into excellent lifelike voices. As a result, our service can deliver outstanding audio quality to 270 distinct mouthpieces speaking in 119 different languages and dialects.

You may also tailor everything to your preferences by altering the tempo, tone, pronunciation, and pauses, among other things. Azure Microsoft wants you to have access to voices with the appropriate speaking and emotional styles for your use case.

TTS Reader

Best Text To Speech Softwares With All Accents

TTS Reader is a TTS system that reads RTF or TXT files aloud and saves them as MP3 or WAV files. It allows users to skip paragraphs or words by highlighting text as they read. It includes male and female voices featuring high-quality voices in several languages and dialects.

Thus, you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of this device. Export synthetic voice, for example, with a single click. Moreover, TTS Reader excels at using a variety of voice rates to increase clarity.

Go ahead and enjoy listening to your favourite content in your favourite accent!

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