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Free Carbon Footprint Calculator API For The Oil Industry.

Read this article to find the best free and user-friendly calculator to measure CO2 emissions in your industry.

Today, indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from oil and gas operations total roughly 5.200 million tonnes (Mt) of carbon dioxide equivalent. This is a number that should make everyone’s eyes open because it is a giant liberation of contamination to the atmosphere and the environment. The oil industry is one of the most responsible for it, despite it not being the only one.

Reducing carbon footprints is a global duty, but it can also be considered a commercial task. Calculating the emissions of these gases is a great place to start when it comes to environmental wellness. Carbon calculators are becoming one of the most popular ways to figure out how much your corporation emits. You’ll need to make certain decisions after receiving the results in order to improve them. There are several options available: direct or indirect, cheap or expensive, temporary or long-term. The one we recommend to begin with is using a carbon calculator. After this, the most critical step, however, has already been taken: Start measuring.

Free Carbon Footprint Calculator API For The Oil Industry.

A carbon calculator is The API that can be used to compute the carbon footprint of a variety of activities, including those as large as the oil industry. The carbon footprint of a company is also reported on a regular basis in corporate reports. This is in order to keep all stakeholders (suppliers, consumers, investors, government, and others) informed about the company’s climate change performance.

Carbon calculators are simple to use and don’t require any special understanding. You simply need to enter the information required based on your calculation interest, and the application will provide you with the results after pressing a button. These programme responses will be in the unit of measurement that you have already selected (Kgm, Tm, etc).

So, if you want to use a carbon calculator, don’t waste your time sifting through the vast array of options available on the internet. We researched and selected CarbonAPI as the most user-friendly and reliable company on the market. Learn more about this company by reading on.


Free Carbon Footprint Calculator API For The Oil Industry.

CarbonAPI is a utility that determines your carbon footprint depending on emissions-producing actions. It contains a number of features, including daily and current carbon reports as well as the option to calculate emissions in multiple quantities (kg, km, tonnes, and so on) depending on your needs. Their API intends to help in the fight against climate change. Calculate your carbon footprint with CarbonAPI to start your zero-emissions journey.


  • It’s easy to put into practise.
    The CarbonAPI cloud architecture makes integrating user interfaces a breeze. Make the API integration reflect your company’s style, feel, and functionality. Specific endpoints and integration possibilities are detailed in our developer documentation.
  • The emissions are calculated in real time.
    The API calculates emissions in production units per hour, material consumption units per hour, and any other unit for which an emission factor is available.
  • Transparency and openness in reporting are important factors.
    Up to a year’s worth of consumption can be saved in your account. CarbonAPI measured carbon dioxide emissions in kilos. Analytical consumption graphs are also provided via this API.

Become a member of CarbonAPI.

Free Carbon Footprint Calculator API For The Oil Industry.

1- Go to the CarbonAPI page and register.
2- Complete the blanks with your information.
3- Confirm your e-mail address and double-check it.

From the list, choose the endpoint that best matches your needs. For more information visit FAQs CarbonAPI.

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