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Is Grammarly The Best Tool For Plagiarism Detection?

Is Grammarly the best tool for plagiarism detection? If you are seeking for efficient tools that can ensure your assessment process is reliable and effective, then this article is for you!

Although Grammarly is one of the best copyright infringement detector, when looking for duplicated text, you can never use just one tool. For example, this API searches for copied words all over the internet. Nevertheless, there are too many papers not available online, and only published in hard copy.

Therefore, it can happen that when using this tool you find there is zero plagiarism on your student’s essay. But that does not guarantee that it does not contain some other author’s pieces of work. Therefore, your student can have not been 100 percent original, but you will not realize about it.

Is Grammarly The Best Tool For Plagiarism Detection?

Besides, Grammarly cannot identify a citation correctly. That is why, it may show plagiarism even when there is not. As a result, you will be doing an incorrect evaluation that can lead to severe sanctions, as plagiarism is hardly penalized. 

What Are The Best Grammarly Alternatives?

Nevertheless, you should not worry, for this is not the only plagiarism detector available online. In order to enable you to assess properly to your students, we will show you the best Grammarly alternatives you can make a good use of.

Is Grammarly The Best Tool For Plagiarism Detection?


This API based on cutting-edge technology provides large databases and powerful algorithms that can make you optimize your work when grading students. Furthermore, this efficient plagiarism detector will track the results of any text you want to check with just a few clicks. 

Therefore, Plaraphy is widely used for teachers who are in need of assessing their students without making any mistakes and wasting time. We highly recommend it as the best Grammarly alternative available in 2022. 

Is Grammarly The Best Tool For Plagiarism Detection?

Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism Detector in another option you want to try in order to complement Grammarly. This API stands out for its speed when offering results that shows whether if an essay presents plagiarism or not. However, you should know that its free plan only allows to do searches up to 25,000 words. If you want to analyze more, you need to pay. 

Is Grammarly The Best Tool For Plagiarism Detection?

Plagiarism Checker

Finally, you can try Plagiarism Checker as an alternative to Grammarly. This API will track the results for you and make you aware if there is any duplicated content on your student’s assignment.  Nevertheless, as Plagiarism Detector, if you want to do deep searches up to 30,000 words, you will need to get a paid plan. 

Now, you know which are the best alternatives to Grammarly, and you are aware that it is not the best tool for plagiarism detector, as you should always use more than one copyright infringement detector. Start trying them now and see the results!

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