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Best AI Voice Generators With Malaysian Voices

Have you ever heard about an incredible technology that converts text to speech in only a few seconds? Well, this is possible with artificial intelligence and most websites work with them. In this article, we show you the Best AI Voice Generators for making perfect audios for any purpose!

Text-To-Speech, which makes natural-sounding voices, is an AI embedded in an application programming interface (API). In other words, sophisticated and complex software that performs very easily. You put some words on one side of this kind of ‘language format translator’ and the audio comes out on the other side. What we are trying to say is that you write or paste a link in a website bar. And then, immediately TTS gives you a machine learning voice.

The best attribute of voice-to-speech applications is their big versatility: you can use them for almost everything. From making voiceovers to your social media videos to using it to read websites aloud. To study and learn pronunciation, improve your listening skills, play with your kids, make fun presentations and so much more! 

Best AI Voice Generators With Malaysian Voices

But wait! There are so many free options that it could be difficult to choose one from. That’s why we’d like to make a quicker review of our three favorite Best AI Voice Generators: Woord, Notevibes, and TTSFree. All of them work online and have a reader for a demo. You will be able to select a language or accent, like Malaysian for example, and set some preferences. Whether you have specific needs or just want to spend less time reading and more doing, continue reading and explore!  

Best AI Voice Generators With Malaysian Voices


Our first option is, definitely, Woord. This API has at least 20 languages and more than 50 voices for them, male, female, or neutral. You can select between regional variations for English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and many others. The type of content you can convert is wide too: blog posts, documents, pdf, images and you will have unlimited audios if you create a premium account. 

Are you wondering about the quality of the voices you would get? We guarantee the highest results because it makes the best-synthesized ones, which sound as natural as real human speech. You can download the audio or make your conversions with the Online Reader. Also, you will embed the Chrome extension and use it anywhere! Give Woord a try, you will be amazed!

Best AI Voice Generators With Malaysian Voices


Notevibes is an AI platform that offers you the possibility of instantly making a natural-sounding voice from a text. It has 25 languages from popular providers and more than 225 high-quality voices. You can choose Malaysian and set the genre with 5 female and 5 male premium speakers. 

Besides, you can edit your audio by adding pauses, changing speed and pitch, putting more emphasis, or controlling volume. The audios can be downloaded as MP3 or WAV. It has some extra features, you can get started for free!

Best AI Voice Generators With Malaysian Voices


This AI works with voices from Amazon Polly, Google WaveNet, IBM Watson, and Microsoft Azure to generate realistic text-to-speech. It is online and free and has a lot of languages you can try! It also has the opposite functionality, speech to text, which allows you to say something and make it written. 

TTSFree is very simple to understand: you just need to enter your text, choose your voice, set the pitch and some features, and test! Download it on an MP3 file or listen to the result. You can use the speech for any purpose, including commercial strategies.

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