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Manage Your Customer Data With This Data Enrichment API

The best way to create profiles of your customers for internal use is through Data Enrichment. The problem is how to get it in a clean, direct way, and that is only for business uses. But once you have it, it can work as one of the best tools for the growth of your venture.

Data Enrichment went from being a business of a few to be the foundation of all current businesses. Nowadays not only can anyone do it, but everyone should have the know-how.

However, this does not mean that all the ways to do it are correct. Respect for privacy should always be taken into account. That’s why many of the APIs that work for these types of situations only work with enterprise data.

Manage Your Customer Data With This Data Enrichment API

There are some APIs that respect privacy in such a way that they only work with a business email, as GetZyla does. But this does not mean that they skimp on the data they present about the customers they want to investigate.

What’s GetZyla?

GetZyla is an API-enabled platform that uses machine learning to categorize everything your company requires.

The Zyla Company Classification API takes a URL as an input and provides information about the company category connected with it. Our API analyzes a business’s website and categorizes it into one of 385+ topic groupings (our classification taxonomy is based on the IAB V2 standard).

Manage Your Customer Data With This Data Enrichment API

Based on an email address, the Zyla Customer Classification API may be used to dig up individual and company information. A complete personal profile can be created from any email address. 


By inputting an email address or a domain name, you may use the Zyla Customer API to check for personal and business information. 


A person’s name, location, and social media usernames, for example, could be extracted from an email. You may also seek a company’s location, employee count, or logo using the domain name. To achieve conversion wins and insights at scale, get complete context on every lead, contact, and account in your company’s universe.

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