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New angles for scriptwriting with a paraphrasing API

Do you need to renovate your skills regarding scriptwriting? Here you’re going to read about a paraphrasing API that can help you!

When you dedicate your life to scriptwriting, it’s crucial to create texts accessible to read and understandable for the recipients without losing the beauty and complexity of a good script. It doesn’t matter if its destination will be a movie, a theatre play or a television show. The balance between being readable and creative is always on the table, and sometimes it can be hard to keep it.

Another element that sums up the equation of scripts is sentence order. Even though everyone loves a prolific text with a very complex vocabulary, in any case, it can’t be too intricate because the performer will run away. Maybe, if you’re used to old-fashioned writing or prefer classic literature, this can be even harder to practice. Or you just read too much german philosophy and literature, and you can’t skip writing one subordinate clause after another. If you’re going through any of these situations, perhaps some help will be good to get new angles for your writing.

Here, you’ll be able to read about a paraphrasing API that can suggest innovations regarding sentence order and grammar.

New angles for scriptwriting with a paraphrasing API

Meet Plaraphy, a paraphrasing API for better scriptwriting

Overall, this API is a complete tool that can turn into one of the many elements in your daily writing equipment. Firstly, due to the possibility to use it on more than one device or software. You can check their website here and test how it works with a trial without cost. There are only two hundred characters to use, but we suggest it anyway. Besides, it’s a friendly beginning if you’re not so into technology.

But if you already know that your consult requires more characters, you can create an account and get a personal API key to rephrase with that circuit. Nowadays, they are working on an extension for servers, a feature that is handy too. You can find how every single option works on their site.

New angles for scriptwriting with a paraphrasing API

Fluency mode for scriptwriting with a paraphrasing API

Plaraphy has among its features three alternatives to define the kind of paraphrasis you require for your script. Probably, the fluency mode is the best option if you need an easy-to-read script with shorter sentences. You’ll need to pick one of the three options before sending the order to paraphrase.

It’s important to say if you’re not satisfied with the result, you can modify things. For example, you opt for more or less utilization of synonyms, and if you disagree with the choice of a specific word, there’s a long list to see and make changes.

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