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Startups: Is time to go to Africa

The startups are discovering Africa. A pioneer is Mobisol. In 2010, the Berlin startup came up with the idea of combining cheaper solar technology with mobile technology, which is widely used in Africa. It designed photovoltaic isolated solutions for households, which could be paid off via “micro payments” mobile. Meanwhile, over half a million people in East Africa draw their electricity from such facilities. This saves 50,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. The goal is to supply 20 million more people with electricity by 2023.

Solar power supply in Senegal

The success has obviously gotten around. In 2018, the Nuremberg mid-sized company Gauff Engineering signed a contract with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during the West African trip to plan and implement a decentralized solar power supply for 300 villages in Senegal. In each of the 300 villages, a photovoltaic system including battery storage, LED street lights, low voltage power distribution lines and house connections will be installed. The majority of the components and devices are supplied from Germany. In Senegal, local specialists are to be trained to ensure the ongoing operation and maintenance of the facilities.

Wave power plant on Cape Verde

The startup Sinn Power, founded in Bavaria in 2015, relies on ocean waves as its electricity supplier. In 2018, founder Philipp Sinn signed the first contract for a commercial project on the Cape Verde Islands. The idea is very simple: the up and down movements of the waves lift floats. These set lifting rods in motion, which drive generators and thus generate electricity. Currently the wave conditions and the demand are recorded. When the wave power plant is finally installed, it can replace environmentally harmful diesel engines. Cape Verde, the island nation, wants to generate 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2025. If only ten percent of the energy demand were provided by waves, CO2 emissions could be reduced by 37,000 tons per year.

Startups move ahead and start conquer Africa!

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