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Top 3 fastest text summarizers

Are you looking for a guide to start using text summarizers? In the following article, you’ll find the fastest three options available at the moment!

There’s a part of your job as a literary critic that you reject deeply. And that is the aspect of reading all the last realising on subjects you dislike. But this is just the beginning because the newspaper you work for also requires you to make summaries of it. Moreover, you have more responsibilities that constitute your position. Unluckily, you can’t refuse or delegate to someone else.

The good news is that now you have a tool that can do it for you in seconds, with human quality and reliable results. Specifically, we’re talking about APIs, web tools or browser extensions to include in your reading program and simultaneously summarize it.

Top 3 fastest text summarizers

The top 3 fastest text summarizers in use

Top 3 fastest text summarizers

This API and web tool provides good service in a simplistic manner. The text summarizer of Plaraphy can be tested on its webpage, only introducing the piece of text you want to make shorter. Then, you need to click on the summarizer option and tap on the word ‘paraphrase’ below your text. Of course, you’ll see the response in seconds with the most valuable ideas of the writing in tiny sentences.

Above all, you need to know that chance to try Plaraphy is free and has a limit of two hundred characters. If you want to stick to longer texts, you can choose a paid plan with a thousand characters. It has the same fast speed with more space for your paragraphs.

Top 3 fastest text summarizers

The summarizing tool from this company admits texts in different languages. You’ll find the summarizer feature after a click on the ‘paraphrasing tool’ option. On this site:, you’ll find a list of functionalities, including the text summarizing. You can share a file from the cloud you use regularly or upload one. The algorithm intends to convert a three or four paragraphs text into only one.

Besides, with this writing program, you’ll have the support of plagiarism checker APIs to prevent duplication. And if you subscribe to a paid account, you’ll enjoy more advantages.

Top 3 fastest text summarizers

The algorithm of this web tool works with an abstract way of summarising, which means reducing long texts into short ones. However, it always keeps the main idea intact. Another aspect of this method is that the meaning of the words remains but in shorter sentences. To start the process, you can introduce the writing into the space or upload a file that can be an archive of a book, an essay or a research article. Then tap on the ‘summarize now’ button, and a couple of seconds later, you’ll be able to read the answer. See all the features here:

Mainly, its target audience is students, journalists and writers.

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