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Check These Tools For Funny Edits

Do you work as a content creator? influencer? Do you have a page dedicated to memes? So, today we will talk about Text-To-Speech: Tools For Funny Edits. Text-To-Speech, or TTS, is a type of software that, as the name implies, converts text to audio. Today, there is a wide range of such applications available, allowing content creators to automate a number of jobs.

These SaaS are gaining traction in a wide variety of industries, but have gained the most traction in commercial domains, such as YouTube, radio, TV, and voiceover IVR, to name a few. This simple but powerful technology can be used in any field. As a result, we recommend that you learn a little more about them.

Now, which TTS to choose? The truth is that this type of software is extremely simple to use, but since there is so much variety and quality in these products, this choice can be somewhat cumbersome. Thus, our recommendations take into account how intuitive and complete these TTS are, even in their free versions. Although, if you are going to use this product for your business, we recommend you review the paid subscriptions of this software, which are also convenient due to their affordable costs.

1. Woord

Woord is our number one choice. It has an intuitive interface, so is an excellent tool for those who do not have experience with this type of software; if what you need is a simple and good quality job, Woord will fulfill the task. Also, it allows you to select the type of device on which you will play the audio; doing so will automatically apply effects that will improve the quality of the MP3 file. This is a great characteristic for content that will be reproduced on smartphones, for example.

This free AI voice generator is accessible in more than 50 languages, including a variety of dialects; besides, it has female, male, and gender-neutral voice styles. Also, Woord has an SSML editor, allowing you to adjust the pace of the audio without affecting the quality. Finally, we must say that in addition to the fact that the free option is excellent, buying a pro version can be a good investment for content creators. In this sense, Woord is also a great option for its affordable prices.

2. Animaker Voice

Animaker Voice is a free online voice-over software that allows conversion from text to speech quickly and easily. Signing in up for a free account with Animaker Voice allows you to start creating voiceovers without spending money. It is a great option for entrepreneurs who are just starting out or on amateur projects.

You can use voices from different social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, among others. Animaker Voice enables you to generate human-like voiceovers of different styles for your project

3. Verby

Verby is one of the most used free TTS software, although its interface is not the cleanest. It allows up to a thousand characters for free, while there are unlimited numbers for those who decide to switch to the paid version. Perhaps the only thing that can be criticized is that it offers no options to the robotic voice, a market that is growing every day in the world of SSML software; however, becoming familiar with this type of software is a good option and for funny video edits, the robotic voice is a win.

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