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Top 3 Flight APIs To Get Fiji Airways Flight Schedule

Do you need to easily integrate flight information into your working platform? Are you searching for information about Fiji Airlines? Read this article to learn about Flight Data API s and how they can provide detailed and reliable information.

Fiji Airways is the airline of Fiji, previously known as Air Pacific. Founded in 1947 by an aviator named Harold Gatty, the airline began operations in 1951. Its main shareholder is the government of Fiji, which holds the majority of the shares, followed by the Australian airline Qantas and a very small percentage belongs to the governments of Kiribati, Tonga, Nauru and Samoa. 

In the early 1980s, this airline along with Qantas pioneered codeshare agreements. They made agreements with Canadian Airlines and later with American Airlines. Today Fiji Airways is part of Oneworld, one of the largest alliances in the aviation industry, serving 108 international destinations. 

Airline alliances became more common in the 1990s with the globalization of services. These alliances have benefits for both airlines and passengers. Today they are key to providing international and intercontinental services. The 3 largest global alliances are Oneworld, Star Alliance and SkyTeam. 

These alliances serve to pool resources. They allow airlines to provide better services and global coverage. What they do is combine services from different airlines. For passengers, these alliances make it faster and more direct to reach their destinations, and also cheaper than if they had to buy connections separately.  

Why Should I Integrate A Data API Into My Platform?

An API is refined yet simple software. An interface is a physical and functional connection established between two devices, devices, or systems that operate independently of each other. APIs allow other sources of information to be integrated via code into a platform or website. They allow the incorporation of functions, such as payment systems, or information sources. 

Flight Data APIs contain information related to flights, in real-time. If you have a related business, then they are a must-have to have a professional site or platform. But you should be careful when choosing, and try the one that better suits your profile and needs. We will tell you about some well-valued options in the market:

Top 3 APIs To Get Airport Data

FlightLabs is out of this world. This API adds up all the good attributes you are looking for. Huge database with data from over 250 countries and 13.000 airlines. Unbeatable time response. Supports a wide range of programming languages. Gives you access to historical flight data. No wonder it is so popular on the market!


This is a user-friendly API that provides critical information. Flight number, origin, and destination of the flight, or aircraft type. It even provides altitude or groundspeed but in a low-to-high range. Flight Status is also available, making it a really complete service.


OAG is a particular API of excellent quality. For the environmentally minded and studious, this API is able to collect the carbon footprint of each aircraft. This API provides real-time information about flights and schedule changes. 

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