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Top 3 Online Paraphrasing Tools to Make Your Content Unique

Are you looking for an API that can help you achieve full authenticity in your work? Good news! We have done an extensive research in order to present to you the top 3 online paraphrasing tools to make your content unique!

Writers, journalists, bloggers and even social scientists usually get very concerned about the originality of their work. Plagiarism can happen even without being aware of it. You can have committed the negligence of not citing properly the original source, or copying a whole portion of someone else’s work. 

Anyway, plagiarism is strongly penalized, and you can see your professional career damaged for it. For example, a student that plagiarize another author’s paper can suffer sanctions that will delay his or her graduation. 

Top 3 Online Paraphrasing Tools to Make Your Content Unique

So, in order to avoid copyright infringement, you should use a paraphrasing tool. It will help you achieve efficiently the originality you are seeking for. Furthermore, you can try a couple of them, for it is better to have complete certainty of have not copied a colleague’s content. 

Nevertheless, there are several paraphrasing APIs available online that have lots of sophisticated tools. But, you should not worry. To make your selection easier, we will present you the best 3 of them. 


Top 3 Online Paraphrasing Tools to Make Your Content Unique

Plaraphy is a very well known API that avoids you from being penalized for duplicated content. It can change the content of any text, while maintaining its meaning trustworthy. Besides, by using it, you will realize its friendly designs provides you immediate results just in a few clicks. 

This paraphrase API is based on cutting-edge technology that will not only rewrite any piece of work you are not very sure about, but ensure you do not commit plagiarism. It is an integral tool that enables you to optimize your effort for free. To sum up,  we consider it leads the ranking of the best paraphrasing tools available online. 

Top 3 Online Paraphrasing Tools to Make Your Content Unique

Paraphrase Tool

This API is another device that can ensure your content is unique. Thus, it offers the possibility of rewriting any text in more than 100 languages. Therefore, it has been used by writers, journalist, bloggers and students all around the world, probing its efficiency. Nevertheless, you should know its free version only enables you to rewrite up to 1000 characters at a time. 

Top 3 Online Paraphrasing Tools to Make Your Content Unique


QuillBot is another efficient paraphrase tool that will enhance your text and ensure your content is authentic. This API helps you find the right way to express your ideas. Thus, it also identifies duplicated words in your text by using powerful algorithms that search for any similarities with already published works. 

Those were the best 3 online paraphrasing APIs to make your content unique. You only need to add them to your must-have tools and see how your texts are improved!

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