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Best AI Voice Generators For Smart Speakers

If you are a company that produces smart speakers, this article could improve your reach and sales. Do you wonder how? Read until the end to learn more about AI voice generators, also called text to speech features, and what they can do for you. 

What Is A Smart Speaker?

A smart speaker is a wireless and intelligent audio-playing device that may perform extra functions via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. It provides features that improve usability, connect to numerous types of audio sources, and give additional functionalities. Some of them come with voice-activated digital assistants too. The best of a smart speaker is that it is portable and can reproduce songs and WhatsApp audio easily and with high quality. 

The Importance Of AI Voice

Artificial intelligence refers to a machine’s ability to imitate human thinking, comprehending, planning, and inventiveness skills. These developments have been used in industries to boost productivity, speed up processes, and address large-scale demands. They are growing in popularity and offer several benefits, including time savings, ease of use, comfort, and multitasking. 

In the case of text to speech AI voices, the program identifies letters and links them with sounds to produce a voiceover. This technology enables us to swiftly do repetitive operations with easy controls. For example, in smart speakers, you can previously record instructions like ‘power on’, ‘connected’, and ‘playing next song’. Then, you just have to embed them into your device’s program.  

ai voice generators

The Best Ai Voice Generator Alternatives To Get Started


ai voice generators

Woord features over 50 lifelike voices that provide instant audio for smart devices, like speakers, computers, or TV. But also for documents, pdfs, and other file types. You may translate any text, even short written commands, into one of 23 languages.

Besides, you could choose genres and add cool effects! You can download your MP3 audio once it is ready from the converter box. This TTS tool also contains an SSML editor for customizing breath, spelling out, distances, and pause parameters like weak or strong. You can have an API key if you are a business. Your smart speakers will sound so much better with optimized voiceovers that sound human-like!  


ai voice generators

This text-to-speech converts text into audio in two ways: neural or standard. There are many languages and voices to pick from! It has two genders and various ages. You can select additional sound effects that accentuate emotional characteristics or communication styles. Pauses, pace, loudness, and varied ways of saying particular parts can all be used. VoiceMaker includes an API option as well as an online reader, and you may download your audio if you create an account.


ai voice generators

Narakeet is an AI voice generator with several features such as voice gender (male or female), many types of speakers, and different formats for downloading audio. Among them, we can mention MP3, WAV, or M4A. You may type the phrases or upload a document on the demo. It supports several languages and voices, and you can modify the speed or volume settings. Its text-to-speech voices are very human-like so they can enhance your customer experience.

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