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Best AI Voice Generators For Smart Toys

If you have a toy company and want to improve your products and make them techier, this is your article. We will tell you why text to speech tools are here to stay and what are their benefits for your business. Also, we will recommend the best AI Voice alternatives you can try so don’t miss the last paragraphs! 

Language development is the cornerstone for future academic success. Since they are babies, children absorb, process, and build their speaking abilities through playing with smart toys. But, what are they? In simple words, these toys are designed to promote interaction and encourage learning. For example, teddy bears speak a few phrases when the child presses their belly or soft toy cars that inform speed limits. Smart toys are very useful for practicing language abilities and, of course, to have fun!   

And the best way to incorporate artificial intelligence to make your toys speak is text to speech (TTS). This program effectively switches the text you provide -the words or phrases- into a human-like voice. Children will experience that someone is talking with them! Computer-generated audio doesn’t sound like a robotic machine: several features allow you to adjust pauses, rhythm, cadence, and other parameters. As a toy maker, you will provide parents with more appropriate options for their on-growing kids. 

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The Best AI Generators To Reach More Customers 


AI Voice

Woord is the greatest text-to-speech tool for your smart toys. It’s comprehensive and precise, and you’ll be up and running in no time. It supports over 20 different languages and over 50 voice selections. You may also select the genre from feminine, masculine, or neutral. This feature is really useful to customize your audio depending on your toy, especially for action figures or dolls. There is also a setting that allows you to control speaking details. You can use it in conjunction with your navigation or request API (Application Programming Interface) access. Let’s create the best smart toys with the most accurate TTS technology! 


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This AI voice generator helps you convert any text into clear voiceovers. It has about 30 languages and 50 dialects. You may also get many samples to make sure you’re making the right pick. You could experiment with the demo on the Voiser Studio and create your own experience. Use text-to-speech to save time and money and improve your toy’s design using text to speech tools!


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This text to speech will offer you more than 200 voices from over 30 different languages. It works offline, so you don’t need to download anything or an Internet connection. Natural voices are from Acapela service, there is no need to doubt their quality. VoiceDream highlights the words of your text while you are hearing them so you can focus better on your written material. It allows the following text formats: EPUB PDF, Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive documents, scanned papers, and web content. You can adapt your toys to make them speak and help kids with visual issues that need more sound-like incentives.

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