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Top 3 Best Alternatives To Clearbit For Customer Data

Are you looking for the Top 3 best alternatives to Clearbit for customer data enrichment?

Clearbit is a marketing data engine that manages all of your customer interactions. Understand your customers thoroughly, identify future prospects, and personalize every marketing and sales interaction.

It converts each new email or domain into a complete person or company profile, enriching customer understanding and delivering that data to the apps that people use every day.

A customer data platform (CDP) is intended for marketing purposes. It gathers and unifies first-party customer data from various sources to create a single, coherent, and comprehensive view of each customer. It then makes that information available to marketers in order for them to create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

Customers expect personalized interactions and recommendations, and data collection enables you to deliver on that promise. Furthermore, the more you know about the types of products/services your customers are interested in, the more likely you are to pitch them and close the deal on products they are most likely to buy.

Top 3 Best Alternatives To Clearbit For Customer Data

Here you can check the Top 3 best alternatives to Clearbit for Customer data enrichment:


Zyla is an API-enabled platform that categorizes everything your organization needs using machine learning.

The Zyla Company Classification API accepts a URL as an input and returns data for the company category associated with that URL. Our API examines a company’s website and classifies it into one of 385+ topic groups (our classification taxonomy is based on the IAB V2 standard).

Top 3 Best Alternatives To Clearbit For Customer Data

The Zyla Customer Classification API can be used to look up individual and company information based on an email address. Any email address can be converted into a complete personal profile. You can use the Zyla Customer API to look up personal and business information by entering an email address or a domain name. An email, for example, could be used to extract a person’s name, location, and social media usernames. You can also use the domain name to look up a company’s location, employee count, or logo. Get complete context on every lead, contact, and account in your company’s universe to drive conversion wins and insights at scale.

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2.People Data Labs

People Data Labs was founded in 2015 by Henry Nevue and Sean Thorne as recruiting software to help businesses better understand and source candidates. It quickly became clear that their responsibilities extended far beyond recruiting.

People Data Labs creates business-to-business data for developers, engineers, and data scientists. People Data Labs is the single source of truth in B2B data, serving enterprise and startup clients in a variety of data-enabled businesses.

Top 3 Best Alternatives To Clearbit For Customer Data

The API is intended to enhance information about a single person. When an enrichment request yields a result, it is referred to as a match.


ZoomInfo’s Growth Acceleration Platform helps businesses accelerate profitable growth by providing the most precise and actionable B2B contact and company intelligence. With on-demand direct dial phone numbers, email addresses, and background information, the constantly updated database allows sales and marketing teams to run more effective marketing campaigns and increase sales prospecting efforts.

Salespeople, marketers, and recruiters utilize Zoominfo to boost their lead generation efforts by giving them access to a large company contact database as well as a variety of sales intelligence and prospecting tools.

Top 3 Best Alternatives To Clearbit For Customer Data

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