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Use Text To Speech To Improve Customer Experience

Are you part of a big company that sells goods or services and want to give the best customer experience ever? This article is for you! We offer you an efficient and easy-to-use text to speech application that will improve the way you do your business.

But let’s review some basic concepts before starting with more advanced information. What does ‘customer experience’ (CX) mean? As we all know, a customer is a person who buys your product or consumes your service. So marketers use this term to talk about the good or bad perception that the client has in all the stages of the purchase. They can manifest the way they feel directly, thanking you or giving back the product, or indirectly, by answering surveys.

As a big or small company, It’s important to know how you can improve your customers’ experience. Every interaction, whether they use your website to contact you or go to your shop, could have a significant impact on your business. A great CX is your key to success because everything you do -or don’t- influences how your shoppers see you and if they decide to return. Some of the best advantages of maintaining a higher buyer experience are that it increases loyalty, word-of-mouth marketing, and positive reviews.

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If you put time, money, and effort into improving accessibility, for example, your potential client’s vision could completely change. They would feel surprised, comfortable, safe, and want to come back to see more things. Moreover, they will recommend your services and your reach will expand.

Why You Should Add A TTS For Improving Your Customer Experience

And talking about making your brand more accessible, we know a text-to-speech technology that can give you a lot of benefits. Explaining it in simple words, text-to-speech applications are artificial intelligence software that can read aloud websites, for example. Their principal function is converting any file or text into audio with natural voices. But you can apply it in a diverse context, from a ‘speak it’ functionality to a voiceover that answers typical questions from a speaker in your location.

Text to speech is more common than you may think! This is another important point to include TTS in your business. Although there are many options that you can choose, we can suggest the better alternative you will find. Don’t waste your time diving into the web, continue reading and know Woord’s optimum features.

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This AI voice generator can transform your website into realistic speech. You can select from a variety of voices, whether male and female or gender-neutral. Additionally, you can click to convert what your customer wants to hear into audio, or you may use the API (Application Programming Interface). API software allows you to create applications that have TTS embedded without downloading anything.

Woord allows you to utilize 50 voices from 23 different languages for text-to-speech synthesis. For several languages, such as Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese, and many others, regional versions are also accessible. You can save your MP3 voice for later and incorporate the audio into your site immediately. Make your customers feel welcomed and nurtured with a text-to-speech solution!

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