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6 Reasons That Make Text-To-Speech Essential To Your Website

The importance of speech has no parallel. Consequently, text to speech is clearly a game-changing technology that can help organisations gain audiences, expand their reach, and improve content understanding. If you ignore its benefits on your website, keep reading!

Nowadays, people are more selective about the websites they visit since we find ourselves in the era of infoxication (information overload). That is why websites must be able to create effective operations to keep their visitors engaged, and their digital material must be accurate, current, and appealing. Not to mention giving all readers the option to experience them in various ways and on several devices.

Text to speech (TTS) is an assistive technology that can help with these trials in a time and cost-effective manner. TTS systems can turn text-based content such as mobile apps, digital books, websites, and e-learning tools into lifelike audio within seconds. As a result, text acquires its own voice, a voice that allows individuals to listen to it.

6 Reasons That Make Text-To-Speech Essential To Your Website

Therefore, text to speech assets are a great option for people who have vision problems or have trouble reading. But there are other motives to employ this technology online. Here are 6 reasons that make TTS essential to your website:

Enhance user involvement: It takes a long time to read blogs. People may multitask because they listen to your post while driving, working, on the move, completing household tasks, etc.

Improve accessibility: You may turn your text blog into an audio blog, providing your readers with the option of reading or listening to your content.

Attract audiobook and podcast fans: People that prefer consuming information in the form of audiobooks and podcasts will be drawn to your blog or website if you include TTS.

Reach out to a worldwide audience: Speech synthesis has the capacity of reading aloud content in multiple languages. Thus, it can reach a far larger audience than people who can read and write well.

Perfect for mobility: With TTS, people can hear your website on the go. Convenience is key!

Updating made easy: Content owners may revise their content using new TTS platforms without having to recode and reorganise the post’s audio. As the material changes, so does the synthesised speech.

Convinced TTS technology is vital for your website? Then don’t settle for robotic voices that will bore your readers. Go for an AI voice generator that resembles human discourse in multiple languages.


Woord provides 50 realistic voices in 28 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Dutch, Norwegian, Korean, Polish, Swedish, and others), including some dialects such as US, UK, and Indian English, Catalan and Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, and Bengali Indian.

6 Reasons That Make Text-To-Speech Essential To Your Website

You may also personalise the speaker to fit your tastes. Whether you need a male, female, or gender-neutral spokesperson, or you need to hurry up or slow down the pace, Woord can help. But that’s only the start. The programme includes an SSML editor that allows you to emphasise and whisper phrases, add pauses and breaths, and modify phonemes as appropriate. You may also select the device profile for your voice (IVR, Smarthome, and GPS, among others)! Hence, Woord gives you complete control over your mouthpieces.

Finally, Woord supports various file types, including pdf, txt, doc(x), pages, odt, ppt(x), ods, non-DRM epub, jpg, and png. There’s no chance you’ll struggle with the read-aloud. Plus, it enfolds features such as OCR technology, MP3 download, a Chrome extension, etc.

Enable TTS on your website to assist your readers in better understanding your content. Allow your website to read to you and its visitors.

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