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Free Text To Speech Softwares For Indian Tamil Accent

Did you think searching for a synthesised Indian Tamil accent was a dead-end? Not anymore! This article enfolds free text to speech softwares you can check out.

Text to Speech technology, also known as TTS, is an asset for many individuals around the globe: those with reading and visual impairment, sore eyes, the need to improve productivity and language learners, to name a few. The reason is it is capable of converting written words into lifelike audio. After years of development, TTS can now imitate most languages and accents. However, several mother tongues, such as Indian Tamil, are still difficult to come by.

Tamils, sometimes known as Tamilars or Tamils, are a Dravidian ethnolinguistic community with roots in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu, the union territory of Puducherry, and Sri Lanka. Tamils make up 5.9% of India’s population (generally in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry), 15% of Sri Lanka, 6% of Mauritius, 10% of Malaysia, and 5% of Singapore. The world’s Tamil population is estimated to be between 80 and 100 million people. Isn’t it a significant number?

Free Text To Speech Softwares For Indian Tamil Accent

We sure think so! That’s why we gathered a shortlist of excellent text to speech tools that can resemble the Indian Tamil accent for anybody who needs it (natives and foreigners). Here they are:


Free Text To Speech Softwares For Indian Tamil Accent

Due to artificial intelligence, Woord‘s speech synthesis generates natural-sounding voices, regardless of language or dialect: American, British, Australian, and Indian English, Mexican and Catalan Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Mandarin Chinese, Indian Tamil, etc. As a result, you can turn any content  (pdf, txt, doc(x), pages, odt, ppt(x), ods, non-DRM epub, jpeg, and png) into 50 different spokespeople. 

Moreover, you can tweak the speaker’s gender and speed. You may customise attributes like emphasis, whispers, breathing, and phonemes in the SSML editor to give your projects the voices they deserve. To wrap up, most of Woord‘s features (OCR, MP3 download, Chrome plugin) are available for free. Create an account to convert up to 20,000 characters and two audios each month into multilingual read-alouds.

Azure Microsoft

Free Text To Speech Softwares For Indian Tamil Accent

Azure Microsoft offers a service that transforms text into organic vocals for you, your brand, and your business to access spokespeople with various speaking styles and emotional tones based on your use case to define their voice. Consequently, it provides 270 diverse mouthpieces in 119 languages and dialects.

Additionally, you may personalise the spokesperson by altering the rate, tone, pronunciation, and pauses, among other elements. Overall, Azure Microsoft can deliver high-quality audio, and its free plan includes 0.5 million characters and 5 hours of audio every month.

Free Text To Speech Softwares For Indian Tamil Accent, with the best text-to-speech voices from Google WaveNet, Amazon Polly, IBM Watson, and Microsoft, provides you with high-quality listening experiences across 50 languages and over 260 smooth TTS male and female voices. THere’s no way you don’t get an accurate speech.

Furthermore, allows you to get free commercial rights for any audio you create, increase the quality of your work, edit the audio till you’re satisfied, and change the punctuation and pronunciations of important phrases in your input.


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