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Top Benefits of AI Voice Technology

AI voices are present in all aspects of our daily lives. From the moment we wake up and ask Alexa or Siri to show what it is the time today to convert text into audio. In this article, you will find a complete explanation of what AI voice technology is and why you should add it to your website or application. Also, we left here a list of their main benefits and the areas you can apply to improve your project. 

What is AI Voice Technology?

An AI Voice is a conversational technology that uses voice commands to receive and understand orders. Most modern devices use it to communicate with and react to human inquiries in natural language. It has several applications, from chatbots to text to speech tools. All of them can comprehend text or audio and interact with people. In consequence, it has a significant potential for businesses to service consumers, speed up processes, grow productivity, and scale different activities.

AI Voice

How does AI Voice Technology work?

In the first place, the engines begin by taking audio input and recognizing sound waves produced by a human voice. This data is then translated into language data, a process called automatic recognition. It must then evaluate the result to determine the meaning of the words it has acquired, a process known as a natural-language generation. 

As a result, after the TTS has generated the answer in written form, it may be converted back into voice. This accurate technique provides a more natural-sounding voice that precisely captures aspects such as intonation. Besides, it can produce voices with a genuine accent, useful to express your company’s brand identity. And gives you the chance to include people with visual issues. So, AI voice technology is not only complete but precise and accessible. 

What are TTS’s main benefits? 

  1. Generates sound automatically
  2. It has more than 10 language options 
  3. Improves customer experience 
  4. Reduces production costs and time 
  5. Enhances and accelerates work 
  6. Diverse use cases as voice notification and reminders, listening to written content, and localization, among others 
  7. You can apply it in a huge number of industries: healthcare, insurance, entertainment, and more!
  8. Offer accessibility to people with dyslexia, psychological issues, and visual lack
  9. It sounds very natural, you won’t believe that is not a machine learning solution  

What is the best tool for text to speech?

Text to speech best technology is Woord. It could convert over 2,000 characters in only one take. Once you put your text or upload your file, the algorithm splits it into individual phrases, which are subsequently read out by the system with the right intonation. While doing so, the software adheres to the text’s punctuation and stable structures. 

Ai Voice

You can also use the SSML editor to add pitch, pauses, emphasis, and more features. When your audio is ready, you will hear it to check the details and then download it as an MP3 file. The next step is to embed it into your website or application and listen to it! Jump in technology’s train to make your client feel comfortable and expand your business at the same time with Woord

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