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Best AI Voice Generators For Your GPS Application

If you work as a developer, this article will help you with some valuable data about GPS applications with an essential component: AI voice. Without them, we can’t even look at the screen while we are driving, it’s a fact. So read this article to find the best AI Voice Generators that will expand the borders of your application! 

Nowadays every time you need to go somewhere you don’t know, the first thing you do is look for your favorite navigation app. You only need to put your location and the address you want to go to and a powerful API guides you to your destination. The most famous one is Google Maps but in the automobile industry, we use a GPS. 

Standing for ‘Global Positioning System’, GPS’s function is providing position and time information to users in all weather circumstances. It precisely pinpoints places in the world by measuring the distance between more than 24 satellites. They rotate around the planet once every 12 hours to obtain real-time global location and other data. 

GPS application

What are its applications? GPS is applied for defining locations, navigating, tracking, mapping and timing. As a result, if you create a new application for this system you could offer it to industries like emergency response and entertainment. Also, you can adapt it to work with health and fitness devices or to serve in construction, agriculture, or transportation. 

However, if you want it to stand out, we think that the selection of the voice that is going to direct you is the most important part. Artificial intelligence voices are part of text-to-speech (TTS) technologies, that read aloud any text. Many firms are embracing this new method of doing business, whether to enhance internal procedures or to modernize customer service systems. In this way, if you want to provide an optimal customer experience, you must check the following AI voice generators. 

A Curated List With The Best AI Voice Generators 


text to speech tool

This TTS application has more than 49 realistic voices that provide instant audio for written information. You can convert any text content you choose, whatever its format. In this case, we can mention all the instructions and the names of places, routes, and other indications. Once you have completed the converter box, you can download your audio on MP3.

Woord also counts with an SSML editor which allows you to configure breath, spell out, distances, and pause settings such as weak or strong. You can customize your GPS speaker with 23 languages and male, female or neutral genders. Say goodbye to boring and monotonous audio guidance, and use this app to make a human-like GPS! 

Big Speak 

ai voice generators

Big Speak allows you to create realistic-sounding sounds from the text. It employs a combination of machine learning algorithms to provide natural voices from an excellent voice generation technology. This text to speech tool is a cutting-edge development that works with closed-loop payments. This TTS option has 5 languages, and SSML editor, and other cool features that will transform the way your clients travel completely!

ai voice generator is one of the most flexible AI voice generators available, it has created over a million audio files on the site. This AI voice generation application provides purpose-specific options for commercial and conversation audio. That doesn’t exclude wider user cases, especially if we talk about orientation. It combines human and AI-generated voices in one continuous audio file! You can create your GPS voiceover using these two resources and even clone your voice.

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