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Best Text To Speech Softwares To Enhance Smart TV User Experience

If you have a smart TV company or work in a business related to smart products designing their software, you have to read this information. In this article, we are going to introduce you to text to speech tools, and accurate technologies that make our clients’ lives easier. Don’t skip the last few paragraphs, we build a short guide of the best alternatives to try!  

In the last 10 years, we have seen an incredible and quicker smart product development. All kinds of devices, from phones to cars and microwaves come with control technology now. In this context, shop owners and marketing team members have to think about the user experience. Why? Because the more your potential customer feels comfortable when what he/she is testing, the more purchase chances you will get. 

So, user experience is a key in the sales process, and to improve it we have strategies like digital marketing campaigns that highlight happy clients. Another good option is to constantly make surveys and be sure about your goods’ functions. In the case of smart TVs, it would be testing the features and incorporating text to speech options.   

text to speech softwares

What Is TTS And How Can It Improve Your Product?

Text to speech (TTS) is a natural language modeling technique that converts text into speech for audio presentation. It is increasingly widely used in technologies that aim to produce audio output from digital text. Digital television, it refers to smart devices that utilize audio synthesis to allow blind or partially sighted persons to access the content. Text to speech offers them access to the information that is visually displayed on the screen and thus operates the receiver’s menus and electronic program guides. But it could be used for anyone if they want to hear rather than read.  

Best Options For Your Smart TV Voice 


text to speech softwares smart tv

This AI voice generator can convert the text your customer will see on their smart TV into natural-sounding speech. There are many voices available, whether they be masculine, female, or gender-neutral. Moreover, you could click to turn what your client wishes to hear into audio or utilize the API (Application Programming Interface). Woord API enables you to construct text to speech enabled applications without downloading any software or knowing a lot of code.

Woord offers 50 speakers from 23 distinct languages for text-to-speech synthesis. Regional versions are also available for many languages, including Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese, and many others. Your MP3 voice may be saved for later and the audio can be added to your TV system right away. In this way, you would not only improve your service but also make entertainment and news more accessible. Make your consumers feel more relaxed when they watch TV by hearing instead of reading!


text to speech softwares smart tv

Murf is a cool artificial intelligence-based text-to-speech program. You may use it to make really lifelike voiceovers. Create an account to access diverse speakers in 20 different languages. It employs the most precise standards to guarantee that you won’t hear artificial or robotic voices. 

text to speech softwares smart tv

Microsoft Azure

Another excellent program to make your TV voiceovers. Microsoft Azure TTS integrates with a cloud service and you can use many neutral voices from over 129 languages. There also are speaking accents available, and you may also change the tempo, pitch, pronunciation, pauses, and more.

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