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Is There Any Realistic AI Text-To-Speech Generator For Storytelling Videos?

Are you looking for a voice that captures every listener? Continue reading to know every tool on the checklist.

More than one study found out the tone of a speaker’s voice is twice as important as the message’s substance and that people assess the presenters’ enthusiasm, expertise, and presence (or its weak, passive and tense voice). As a result, the finest storytellers, speakers, and communicators all use a creative, engaging voice to establish their credibility, convey their message, and motivate people to action, whether consciously or unconsciously.

In other words, with an engaging voice, a storyteller brings the narrative to life. How does it do it? They change the volume and pitch of their voice to accentuate points, generate suspense and drama, and keep their audience interested (nothing puts folks to sleep like a monotonous voice, right?). Plus, they vary the story’s cadence, experimenting with silences before and after making a key point or transitioning between concepts and displaying their passion since it indicates authenticity.

Is There Any Realistic AI Text-To-Speech Generator For Storytelling Videos?

Probably, many readers will start practising these techniques in front of the mirror. But for those and the ones that master that skill, don’t run to purchase pricey studio items. Nowadays, videos don’t necessarily require human narrators. Text to speech, also known as TTS, is an assistive technology that helps more individuals than the ones with reading and visual difficulties. Its capacity to transform digital texts into humanlike speech and then read them aloud can be useful for personal and commercial purposes and content creators.

For instance, videos involving storytelling. The arduous work would only be in the writing process. Once you have your script ready, you only have to share it with a TTS tool and select the characteristics you want its audio to possess. Now, as mentioned, the tone of voice and other elements are vital. You can’t risk your production’s narrator sounding stiff and robotic. Therefore, you’ll need a realistic AI text-to-speech generator to excel in your storytelling videos.


With Woord, you can dive into a world of (50!) voices for your videos. Choose among English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Dutch, Norwegian, Korean, Polish, Swedish and other ten languages, including dialects like Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, and Canadian French.

Is There Any Realistic AI Text-To-Speech Generator For Storytelling Videos?

Moreover, you can select your speaker’s gender (or no gender). Yet, decisions don’t stop there. Neither do they at the speaking pace. Woord lets you determine the best device profile (e.g. IVR, Smarthome and GPS, to name a few) for the audio. Not to mention you can continue arranging traits with the SSML editor. This tool can modify different aspects of the mouthpiece, so your spokesperson can raise or lower the tone of voice, pause and change phonemes, among other things.

The best part is the software supports multiple file formats (pdf, txt, doc(x), pages, odt, ppt(x), ods, non-DRM epub, jpeg and png). That way, you can also turn your story scripts into captivating videos. But, in case you wrote everything down on a piece of paper, Woord encompasses OCR technology to scan, digitise and read aloud your work. Then, you can export your narrator as an MP3 file and add it to your storytelling videos.

Are you interested? Wanna know more? Create an account, receive 20,000 characters and two audios and try Woord for free.

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