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What Is The Best Text-To-Speech Software For Online Marketers

If you work as the marketer of a company, whether it is big or small, you must manage a lot of information. And we know that you are not a robot, so we are here to introduce you to the perfect tool for saving time and money. Text to speech (TTS) software will also improve your marketing efforts, so don’t miss this article!   

Being an online marketer nowadays is a synonym of well-paid -and hard- work. When we talk about marketing we instantly think about the act of promoting and selling items and services using strategies such as social media and SEO. We also know that the first rule of digital marketing is to make the appropriate offer at the right time and place. Today’s customers are online, reading news sites and blogs, and looking for products and services. So, if we want to get to them, we have to combine valuable content with advertising and email marketing in the same plan. 

Why Should You Use TTS Software In Your Business? 

Text To Speech (TTS) is a kind of artificial intelligence technology that converts any text into human-like audio with the help of a machine learning system. It can give brands, businesses, and organizations the chance of providing a better end-user experience while lowering expenses. Also, TTS allows you to adapt your message to the diverse requirements and preferences of each client. For example, in terms of how they engage with your services, apps, devices, and content. 


There are three relevant aspects in which TTS could improve your performance: 

  1. Content reach: it makes your digital information available to a broader audience. That means including individuals with literacy challenges, learning impairments, low eyesight, and those learning a foreign language. 
  2. Brand’s voice: high-quality TTS voices could build the completest business DNA. It will guide your customer across several touch points, encouraging loyalty and distinguishing your firm from the competition.
  3. Better outcomes: text-to-speech software allows a more accurate customer approach, lowering costs and enhancing optimization while delivering tailored interactions.

The Best Option For Your Online Campaign

After a deep search analysis, our expert team concluded that Woord is the best alternative to enhance your client’s online campaign. This marketing voice tool is the most comprehensive, thorough, and user-friendly solution accessible. Any text content, from a few phrases to lengthy paragraphs, may be transformed in seconds. More than 19 languages, 49 voices, 9 accents, 3 genders, sound effects, and other features are available.

In this video you can learn more about TTS in a concrete application: Instagram reels voice overs!

Depending on your requirements, you can utilize the Online Reader or the API. A use case example could be that the Woord AI reads a website aloud for you while you accomplish other tasks. Or you can create a clear and kind welcome message for the new visitors to your page! If you wish to test it, you must first register. Then, put a sample into the box, choose your language, gender, and pitch, and click speak. Your time management and future earnings will improve dramatically after you begin utilizing Woord!

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