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Where To Get Text-To-Speech and Text-to-MP3 For Catalan Voices

 you are looking for the best way to learn a dialect as quickly as possible, or you are planning one of your dream trips to Europe and you do not have time to do so, you need software, especially since hiring a translator, while very effective, is extremely expensive, that explains for free what you want in the most similar way to what happens in that territory.

Catalonia is one of the most beautiful places that can be found in Europe and has the particularity of having its own dialect, so you could know Spanish and so on and still get lost in the beautiful streets that surround Gaudí’s “Sagrada Familia”.

What you need is software that allows you to read from pdfs to images directly, at the same time that you pass it to audio that you can download and listen to in your mother tongue, to get used to what you will hear on the trip or to start learning it. What you’re looking for is Woord.

Where To Get Text-To-Speech and Text-to-MP3 For Catalan Voices
Gaudi’s House in Catalunia.

Woord’s Catalan TTS is a one-of-a-kind technology aimed at providing a wide range of AI-assisted services and products, including text-to-speech.

A high-quality, natural-sounding male or female Catalan voices are used in this text-to-speech service.

  • Just type a word or a phrase, or copy-paste any text.
  • Choose the speech rate that works for you.
  • Start from any position in the text.
  • Replay the text as many times as you wish.

This server can assist you in improving your listening, speaking, and pronouncing abilities. While doing anything else, listen to any printed items in authentic voices.

To assist visually impaired persons, entertain, or educate your children, create an audio version of the textual information. TTS Reader turns any text into male low german voices that sound natural. While remaining halted, continue speaking from where you left off.

Alter the speech frequency to slow or speed up the voice. You are free to listen to the audio recording as often as you like. Catalan can be spoken by either a woman or a man.

In case you need a free text to speech service for Australian English, French, American English, Canadian or Brazilian Portuguese, Woord is also an option.

In addition to Catalan natural voices, the text-to-speech reader supports Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch,  Swedish, English, Indonesian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and more.Also you can use teenager and kids voices.

To add, we offer Latin American realistic voices such as ,Brazilian Portuguese ,Argentinian, Mexican spanish, etc.

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