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Best AI Voice Generator For Memes

Are you looking for some features to produce hilarious memes? What about adding voices to them? In this article, we introduce to you the best AI Voice Generator to make your public LOL (Laugh Out Loud). 

But first, some context. A ‘meme’ could be a picture or a photo that is accompanied by a text that makes you laugh. It could also be a short video with a funny situation, like a blooper of a play. It became popular in the middle of the ‘00 and now there are a lot of Instagram accounts dedicated to it. And now we have a new option on that platform: we could add music or audio to a static image on our feeds!

Why should you use an AI Voice API to improve your engagement? Because a narrative story, told by human-like speech, is more catchy and entertaining than only seeing and reading the meme. It would be like a short act by a comedian artist and your followers would love it for sure. They can even save the audio and make their own content, which gives you more reach, too.

Best AI Voice Generator For Memes

How does work an AI Generator in a programming interface focused on voice production? Is very simple: imagine you’ve got a translator system building on code structures. On one side, the text from your meme or your video Guion. On the other, a natural and realistic voice that would ‘speak’ the words you’ve chosen.

That’s what we call a Text-to-Speech functionality and the best most-know one is Woord. Using its Online Reader feature you can try to write a meme highlite and hear it from a female, male or neutral voice. You can choose the language, the accent, the rhythm and so much more!

Best AI Voice Generator For Memes

There is no need to download any software, Woord works on HTML or SSML. Once you have your audio meme ready, you only have to save it on your phone in an MP3 format! Then, you post it on your favorite social media. Also, if you have a website, you can embed it directly.  The users who scroll on your page will be very surprised when they hear the memes while they are reading it.

With this application, you would make a meme in several versions and set it for a voice to read it in at least 40 idioms. It’s amazing! What is best: you would get a better position in the content creators ranking because different native speakers can understand it. 

Woord gives you the opportunity to try it for free, you only have to create an account and it’s done. See more details on Save the audios and became the best meme producer ever!

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