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Best AI Voice Generators For Adobe Spark Videos

Are you a content creator who loves producing videos? Do you make clips with the former Adobe Spark app? In this article, we are going to show you the best AI Voice Generators to improve the quality and reach of your posts!

In 2022, videos are the best friend of a social media influencer. So much more if you work as a content creator or manager. You must be very updated about the trends and more used tricks. If your clips had text on them, as a subtitle, it’s better for inclusive purposes and people can understand the topic so much easier. On Instagram, for example, most of the videos had it, so if you are with the sound off there is no problem: you can get it anyway. 

There exist so many apps and websites to create videos and is impossible to make a ranking. But today we choose Adobe Express Creative Cloud, the old Adobe Sparks, as an example. It has the same known attributes but is on an integrative page. If you look for the features section, you will see a lot of options like merge, crop, and cut. Also, there are a lot of templates, backgrounds, and stickers to add to the video and it can be downloaded on MP4 or Gif. The best is that you can try it for free!

Best AI Voice Generators For Adobe Spark Videos

But sometimes a text on the screen is not enough. A lot of people, who can watch your content, may have a comprehension problem like dyslexia or a complex condition, like autism. That’s why is so important to have a text-to-speech API. With these AI Voice Generators, you will adapt fast to the new audience’s needs. Here we introduce the ones we consider the best options: Woord, Voice Booking, and Lovo.


Best AI Voice Generators For Adobe Spark Videos

It’s time to make an impact in a faster way! Woord has all the qualities you are looking for. More than 50 languages, diverse accents for English, Spanish or Portuguese, and the chance of reducing the speed. Also, you can make the voice more friendly with some accurate speakers. Your public doesn’t even notice the difference between an AI and a human recording!

Voice Booking

Best AI Voice Generators For Adobe Spark Videos

Voice Booking is a voice-over generator where you can copy and paste the text you want to convert into audio. It’s very simple! And works with almost 20 different languages. You should create an account for a trial and the good news are that the first project is free! Its 2.0 version allows you to put emphasis in an specific word or phrase and make pauses whenever you want.

Best AI Voice Generators For Adobe Spark Videos


And last but not least: Lovo. This AI and TTS API has more than 180 realistic voice skins in 33 languages. You will have a lot of options to choose from in the studio! And new ones are added monthly. You can try it for free and in only 15 minutes you will create a costumed voice for a unique target. 

Update your videos with this brand new technology and prepare yourself to bring an exciting customer experience.

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