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Best AI Voice Generators For Bloggers

Do you pour your heart and soul into written content, but your audience asks for its voice recording? Don’t worry! AI voice generators get the job done for you in seconds.

One writes to add value to and connect with an audience. But who would say people find audio more engaging than your written words? Actually, it isn’t surprising. Storytelling through orality has captivated generations, even today’s ones.

For example, podcasts and audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular as the way we consume content online evolves. That arises the question for content creators such as bloggers: is it time to incorporate a text to speech option into your publications?

Best AI Voice Generators For Bloggers

Text-to-Speech, also known as TTS, is an assistive technology that converts your written words into lifelike audio. As a result, it reads digital texts aloud, increasing accessibility and user interaction. Thus, several bloggers include an audio version of their blogs. They feel that allowing their readers to listen to their content would benefit them greatly.

All in all, voice generation is an excellent tool if you aim to make your work available to as many individuals as possible. Thereby, it’s a superb idea to share some of the best AI voice generators for bloggers.


Best AI Voice Generators For Bloggers

English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Dutch, Norwegian, Korean, Polish, Swedish, etc. Woord supports 28 different languages, including some of their dialects, so your content can reach a global audience. In addition, the software lets you pick among 50 distinct –male, female and neutral– speakers.

But that’s not all. Woord also includes an SSML editor, which allows you to keep customising your audio. Tone, breathing, and pronunciation are only a few of the attributes. Moreover, you may use the advanced audio settings to speed up or slow down the speech and select the voice device profile that better fits your blog’s needs.

Best AI Voice Generators For Bloggers offers you to provide high-quality listening experiences for your audience with 50 languages and over 260 natural-sounding TTS male and female voices. Not to mention it generates accurate speech using only the most satisfactory text to speech voices from Google WaveNet, Amazon Polly, IBM Watson, and Microsoft.

Additionally, allows you to secure commercial rights for any audio created at no additional cost, increase the quality of your work, edit the audio till you’re satisfied, and change the punctuation and pronunciations of paramount phrases in your blog.


Best AI Voice Generators For Bloggers

Within five minutes, WebsiteVoice turns all your blog articles into natural voices. The software supports several languages and allows you to change the pace while maintaining the pitch. You may also embed the script on your site and customise the player widget to match the look of your page.

Furthermore, if you integrate the tool’s snippet on your site, WebsiteVoice will automatically activate text-to-speech voice for the necessary information. Overall, these features’ purposes are to increase user engagement, improve accessibility, and increase your subscriber base.

Are you looking forward to trying AI voices in your blog publications? Let us know how this practice turns out!

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