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Best AI Voice Generators With Persian Voice

Are you looking for the Best AI Voice Generators? Do you need them to support you with the Persian language? Stop your search right now! In this article, you will find accurate selection of the applications that can read Farsi texts aloud.

If you are interested in text-to-speech software you must know a few basic insights into how they work. The software that made TTS convertion is called speech shyntesis and produces a huge database of recorded voices in a certain language. The speakers narrate lots of texts in order to collect all the sounds possible between vocals and consonants. This process is necessary for each idiom.

Then, artificial intelligence analyze all of the sounds, which fluctuate according to the context, to matching them to written words. When the voices are created, they follow a patron to pronounce the words from the language and accent you have selected. With a little adjustment -pauses, intonation, pitch, volume- the machine speaker can read text aloud in a realistic-sounding way.

Best AI Voice Generators With Persian Voice

The Best AI Voice Generators can be used for anyone, you don’t need to be an expert. Only create an account and you will freely have acces to the demo and voice samples. You can use it to hear websites, articles or any digital text and it’s especially useful for people with dissabilities. Continue reading to know about the online platforms we choose if we were in your place!


This text-to-speech application is, surely, the most-known option. With more than 21 languages -incluiding Farsi, the official Persia idiom- and 50 voices and accents what can turn wrong? You will have a lot of settings to do to make your audio fully customized.

For example, choosing the genre -male, female and neutral- adjusting the pitch, adding some pauses and volume up and down. Also, you can play the Online Reader to make the changes you want. The audio can be downloaded on MP3, so you would hear anything you want without the Internet connection or embed it on a website too! Woord is the next-generation API, don’t miss it!

Best AI Voice Generators With Persian Voice

Best AI Voice Generators With Persian Voice


This assistive technology will you easily transform a text into an audio, create voiceovers for videos or even language lessons. You can select your language over Persian and other 59 more. Extra data: each one has two genders (male and female) and at least two different dialects.

Narakeet text-to-speech voices are 100% natural-sounding, and mimic human-like. You can customize your speaker with volume, speed or format settings. There is a virtual tester and a video with a sample to guide you better. This API makes producing high-quality narration so much faster than recording your own audio, give it a try!

Best AI Voice Generators With Persian Voice

Ariana File

Ariana is a Persian text-to-speech sofware that produce audio from text speech in Farsi. Also, it pronounces English words, abbreviations and anonymous words. The best feature is  the possibility, for users, to add a new pronunciation or a new word!

Using speech synthesis, the voices you can get will read any kinf of text naturally. This includes files, e-books, news sites, e-mails. Besides, this AI has several features including the voice selection, changing speed and tone, and the ability to read punctuation. Another great option for improving your language skills and save time!

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