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Best Alternatives To Uberduck In 2022

Are you seeking APIs other than Uberduck? If you want to create AI voiceovers for your social media videos, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to show you the best alternatives for making better videos with Text-to-Speech audio. You could make the coolest Instagram, YouTube or TikTok videos of 2022!

TTS technologies have recently been more commonly accessible through mobile, web, and desktop apps. Its principal function is to introduce a new level of engagement between services and users. This lets them receive more information from their hearing senses. Also, it makes it easier for people with or without impairments because allows them to get more data. Besides, frees up the visual sense for other duties: it’s specially designed for modern times because all of us practice multitasking.

Best Alternatives To Uberduck In 2022

If you have never heard about this platform, Uberduck is an API (Application Programming Interface) that works with artificial intelligence. With its in-browser editor, you could add customed voices and fancy visual assets to your videos. It’s very dynamic and intuitive and has more than 2,000 expressive voices to choose from.

You can select reference audios in the create section of their landing page, like music for example. Then you synthesize it in order to add it to the video editor. Also, you can try to record your own voice or clone it. All these features are online and free if you sign up with your account.   

Best Alternatives To Uberduck In 2022

But it isn’t the only option, you have at least 3 alternatives if you prefer another app to help you create videos. There are Woord, Voice RRS and Flixier, all you need to use them is a free account. In the next paragraphs, we are going to tell you their most recommended aspects.  


Best Alternatives To Uberduck In 2022

Woord is the most complete, free, and online TTS API. It has so many unique embed tools that make it the best choice for converting from text to speech. To begin, you can choose a language from more than 20 nationalities and types of voices. You can also select accents or gender and it could be male, female, or neutral.

The voiceover you would get with this AI is quite realistic. Sounds totally natural, like a human speaking your content inside the video! Once you’ve already written your text into the Online Reader, you may modify its cadence, speed, or profile to meet your needs. And all that is left is to hit the ‘speak it’ button. If you’re glad about the result, you can download it as an MP3 or embed it on your app to create amazing videos.


Best Alternatives To Uberduck In 2022

Voice RRS is another great text-to-speech online service. It doesn’t need a software installation. You can try the demo on its website with a length of 100 letters. This API has multiple languages and high-quality human voices. 

If you need a cloud-based, reliable, and cross-platform application, it is a very good option to consider. You could choose over 6 different plans if you need more features. It works with Android, Java Script, Apple, Phyton, and other language programs.


Best Alternatives To Uberduck In 2022

Flixier is an API-based tool that allows you to build your own voiceover with a few clicks. Using the power of an AI synthesizer, you can choose between 20 options and change the speed, the quality, and the volume. It saves your audio in a library so you can easily add it to your video editor. 

There is no need to download or install anything. You just have to use the text-to-speech function and then, the Flixier online video editor. You can create a professional cut with AI audio from your computer!

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