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Best Online OCR Alternatives & Competitors In 2022

Do you need to convert thousands of images like PDF scans into text? In this article, we tell you all you need to know about OCR! You will find its best alternatives and what competitor you can choose to have the same result. Keep reading until the end to find out the best information!

If you work in the law, enforcement, medicine, or education industry, you surely have a lot of printed copies of information. You may be wondering how you can import all this data into digital documents without typing it all by hand. In case you don’t have a clue, there is a technology you can use to extract text from different scans or pictures without effort. 

This wonderful AI assistant it’s called OCR, which means Optical Character Recognition, and its function is very simple. It is an artificial intelligence that distinguishes characters in different formats: digital, printed, and handwritten. So, if you have a PDF copy, for example, it analyzes the document and converts letters into code. 

phot/scan to speech

Later, this piece of coding could be used for data handling. As a final result, you will have the literal text translation. But sometimes, having this information on Google Docs isn’t enough! You need to review some names or update a file and don’t have time to read the translations completely. The best thing you can do in these situations is to search for software that has OCR. 

Once you already have the text on your smartphone or computer, the program can respond to you with an audio version of the same content. In this way, you take care of two problems at once! You have your digital copy and can hear the text you need to know from a natural voice. 

By utilizing a text-to-speech tool with an OCR embed, you will not only save time but reduce mistakes without losing your energy. When the text is ready, you can edit it as if it was a word document directly on the platform. In other words, you will delete sections, add pauses, identify keywords, and much more! 

Best Online TTS With OCR Technology


online OCR

With Woord, OCR conversion is quick and easy. You just upload the image you want to hear into the platform, select a voice and download the result in MP3 format. Don’t worry about the language. Choose between more than 50 idioms and 25 different voices, including male and female speakers with a variety of accents. Create a free account and start hearing photo/scan to speech at instants!


OCR online

SmartOCR is the best Online OCR Solution to convert scanned documents into editable text, images, and Excel files. It is built by keeping the needs of businesses in mind so you can efficiently leverage the time and efforts spent on manual scanning. And also converting to PDF or into any required form. With many new features added regularly, this option is the ultimate OCR tool for Enterprise level companies. It’s online and free, what is best for your company?


Online OCR

You can use OnlineOCR to extract text and characters from scanned PDFs, smartphone photos and digital camera captured images. They could be on JPG, BMP, or PNG. Also, you may convert files from mobile or PC. Register a free account and you will be able to convert at least 15 files per hour! Your files are saved on the platform for a month. There is no need for any software, use this online platform. 

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