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Best Robot Voice Generators For 2022

Are you looking for a voice generator that sounds robotic and helps you with what you need? Here, we show you the best ones so you can create amazing robot voices.

Society has always been obsessed with the idea of robots. This is shown in movies, such as Star Wars, music, like the robotic beats Daft Punk did, and literature, with the entire science fiction genre. Even now that technology has advanced and robots are found in a lot of places, we still want them to be more like us. 

A robot is a creation of the robotics sector, which creates programmed robots that can help people or replicate human behaviors. Robots were originally designed to do boring jobs, but they have since evolved to undertake duties such as fighting fires, cleaning houses, and aiding with extremely complex procedures.

Building a robot can be really hard and exhausting, but making a voice generator mimic what we think a robot sounds like it’s actually pretty simple. For it, you’ll need to use a text-to-speech (TTS) tool. This is a natural language modeling approach that transforms text units into speech units for audio presentation.

If you find the perfect TTS for you, then you can create any type of audio you need for your projects. But, for this in particular, we gathered the best three robot voice generators for 2022:

1. Woord

Woord is a free online TTS that has a variety of useful features. It allows you to choose a language from a broad range of nations and voices. It also allows you to select your voice’s gender from male, female, or gender-neutral options. This, as well as the languages, are available even during the free trial period, allowing you to test the waters before committing to the premium options. You may use this API to receive any text input and transform it to voice in real-time.

The voices in Woord intend to sound realistic, but with the speed moderator and some effects, you can create the robotic voice you want. To do this,  go to, select ‘Online Reader,’ or install the Chrome extension, write your text on the whiteboard, select your language and gender, and then push ‘Speak It.’ Then, you may also change the speed or format of your audio and save it to use in your film. Woord can also convert images, scans, and documents into text.

2. Robot Voice Generator’s Robot Voice Generator is a fun tool. It allows you to free convert your words to robot voices. You may type whatever you like into the box and then click speak to listen to the audio created by the robot. You may also generate random phrases simply for fun. The pitch and pace of the robot may be adjusted with this robot voice generator. The audio file may be downloaded with a single click.


Resemble is an AI voice generator that allows you to construct an AI voice from previously recorded audio data. It is capable of producing deep phony voices with human-like emotions and intonations. To clone your voice, you may record 50 words directly on the online platform. Alternatively, you may simply input raw audio data to this AI voice generator, which can produce deepfake voice for you. After signing up, you will have access to the free trial service. Alternatively, you may pay for additional features like as bespoke or stock voices.

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