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Best Text-To-Speech For Your Unboxing Videos In 2022

Unboxing videos are really popular nowadays on social media. Most of them are about makeup, CDs, food, and clothes, among others. They are usually based on a person showing what the product they bought has inside. It’s really good for publicity and it makes the viewer have a look at some things before purchasing them.

This is probably one of the easiest ways to make videos for social media platforms at the moment since you only need a product, your hands, and your voice. Some unboxing creators don’t even show their face, they just put a camera above the item and record everything with details.  

However, it might not be easy for some people who are really shy and don’t even want to talk near a camera. Because of that, we highly recommend using a text-to-speech tool. This can help you since you can obtain realistic voices with a software and place them in your video, making it seem like it’s your voice.

Best Text-To-Speech For Your Unboxing Videos In 2022

Because of that, we give you three TTS tools that can help you with your unboxing videos:

1. Woord

Best Text-To-Speech For Your Unboxing Videos In 2022

This is a free online TTS with a variety of utilities. Woord allows you to select a language from a vast range of nations and voices. Furthermore, it allows you to select the gender of your voice from a choice of male, female, and gender-neutral voices. This, as well as the languages, are available even if you simply use the free trial, allowing you to sample the experience before committing to the premium plans. 

To use it, you have to enter, go to ‘Online reader’ or download the Chrome extension, put your text on the whiteboard, select the language and gender you want and then press ‘Speak It’. It’s as simple as that. You can also change the speed or format of your audio and download it so you put it on your video. Woord also transforms photos, scans, and documents into text.

This simple yet powerful application converts your text into a magnificent speech replete with authentic female and male voices. It’s perfect for users, youngsters learning to read, e-learning, lectures, YouTube videos, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitch, and Facebook, as well as enhancing the accessibility of a website. Woord is available for Windows and Mac OS X and can read a variety of material, including webpages, blogs, text files, PDF documents, and ePub files.


Best Text-To-Speech For Your Unboxing Videos In 2022 is a flexible AI voice generator that includes 100+ authentic text-to-speech voices in 15+ languages. The Murf Studio is easy to use and includes numerous voice modification options such as emphasis, pitch, and speed to help you get the most out of the AI-powered voice technology. The produced voiceovers sound fairly natural and may be utilized for a number of purposes.

In the program, you may add narration to movies, presentations, and even background music. Murf is commonly used to create eLearning narrations, voiceovers for Product Demos, Marketers, Audiobooks, YouTubers, and Podcasters. The projects are automatically stored for future changes, and Murf grants customers complete commercial rights to the voiceovers created on their platform.

3. Wideo

Best Text-To-Speech For Your Unboxing Videos In 2022

Wideo provides you with a simple and quick way to convert your text to speech. Enter your message directly into the box or upload a text file, select a voice, set the speed, and begin listening.

Wideo offers the finest way to download the voice in mp3 format. It is free and simple to use, and it is useful for creating an explainer video or a demo film in which you may add voiceovers by utilizing this text-to-speech tool.

You may integrate Google text to speech using the Google API, but you must pay for the number of characters utilized. Wideo works with Google TTS technology and provides free conversion.

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