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Best Text-To-Speech Tools For Video Dubbing In 2022

If you’re trying to find a perfect voice for your video but can’t seem to succeed, here we explain to you why you should be using text-to-speech.

When we talk about dubbing, we’re referring to a process used in cinematography and video production that consists of creating audio in a different language for what’s filmed and then adding and syncing it to the video to create the final product. This is a whole profession and it includes many different people in the process.

If we talk about something more personal and use it for your home videos, then dubbing can also be used to replace the original audio with something else in the same language. For example, using a drama scene and then adding jokes with dubbing. It’s something really common in social media since people find it funny and smart, so you can create a whole YouTube channel with this type of content.

Best Text-To-Speech Tools For Video Dubbing In 2022

But what if you don’t count with the right equipment to do something like this? Then a text-to-speech (TTS) can be your solution. This is a software that converts any text or document into audio for you to use however you like. To do this, they employ assistive technology and can offer you plenty of voices and languages for your personal use.

However, you should be careful about which TTS tool you use, since everyone is different and has diverse features. Because of that, we gathered the best three TTS for video dubbing to save you time:

1. Woord

Best Text-To-Speech Tools For Video Dubbing In 2022

Woord is a free online TTS with a variety of interesting features. Woord gives you the option of selecting a language from a diverse selection of nations and voices. It also lets you to choose the gender of your voice from male, female, or gender-neutral options. This, as well as the languages, are accessible throughout the free trial time, allowing you to test the waters before committing to the premium services.

The voices in this software are quite genuine, and you may modify their cadence and format. To convert a PDF to audio, go to, choose ‘Online Reader,’ or install the Chrome extension, then choose ‘document to audio,’ and upload your file. Then, hit the ‘speak it’ button to hear the sounds. You are free to download and use it for personal purposes.

2. NaturalReader

Best Text-To-Speech Tools For Video Dubbing In 2022

NaturalReader is a free in-browser TTS service that allows you to turn written content such as Word and PDF documents, ebooks, and web pages into human-like voices.

You may change the font to make it easier for readers with dyslexia to read, and the text size is customizable. Free voices are restricted to one per each of the seven accessible languages; premium material includes a range of more authentic voices as well as Swedish as an extra language. Premium voices are restricted to 20 minutes each day, but free alternatives are infinite. Both playback and mp3 downloads are available.

3. iSpeech

Best Text-To-Speech Tools For Video Dubbing In 2022

The free edition of iSpeech includes over 20 languages, each with a male and female voice. Voices are a little stiff and robotic, as is typical of most free TTS apps. The online playback engine has three different speeds: slow, regular, and rapid. Advanced capabilities, the majority of which are hidden behind premium subscriptions, require users to download the program.

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