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Best Text-To-Speech With Speed Rate Moderator

When you use a text-to-speech tool, it’s important to employ always the best one to get the perfect audio. There are a few major characteristics that you must consider, like how realistic the voice is, what languages the tool includes, how is the final product, among other things.

However, there is one utility that not many people have in mind and that can save you a lot of time by just adding it to your TTS. This is the speed of the text we want to generate. It’s really useful to just have this moderator on thee options and not having to download the audio and then edit it by yourself.

Because of that, here we recommend you three text-to-speech tools with speed rate moderator:

1. Woord

This is an online free TTS that has many utilities. To use the speed rate moderator, you have to enter, go to ‘Online Reader,’ or download the Chrome extension, put your text on the whiteboard, then select the gender, language, the voice you like, and click on Advanced options. Then, you’ll see the “Choose Voice Speed” selection. After you chose that, you just press ‘Speak It’ and that’s it! Your audio is already done.

Woord can also read photographs, documents, and scans, so don’t be concerned if the text you wish to convert is in one of those forms. This simple yet powerful application converts your text into a magnificent speech replete with authentic female and male voices. It’s perfect for users, youngsters learning to read, e-learning, lectures, YouTube videos, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitch, and Facebook, as well as enhancing the accessibility of a website. Furthermore, this application is accessible for both Windows and Mac OS X.

2. Text To Speech

Text To Speech provides a lot of functionality for a free TTS converter. The text has no character limit. It speaks more than 40 languages, each having one to four unique voices. Users may change the volume, speed, and pitch of the playback. The main drawback is that the accompanying text-to-mp3 converter only supports 100 characters.

3. iSpeech

The free edition of iSpeech includes over 20 languages, each with a male and female voice. Voices are a little stiff and robotic, as is typical of most free TTS programs. The online playback engine has three different speeds: slow, regular, and rapid. Advanced capabilities, the majority of which are hidden behind expensive subscriptions, require users to download the program.

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