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Can I Find Easy To Use Text To Speech Apps?

Are you wondering if you can find some intuitive and useful Text To Speech Apps for your smartphone? The answer is yes and you are on the right blog! In this article, we are going to talk about the best options to make incredible voice-overs from any text.

Nowadays every software development has an application that you can freely download on your PlayStore. You just have to search for some words on the bar and immediately will see a list of apps that match. There are a lot of options for every need you have, from ordering your finances to making funny videos.

If you want to read something although you can’t put your eyes on it, text to speech is an excellent solution. Maybe you have a busy day but you don’t want to miss the news. Or you are really into a novel and have no time to read a new chapter. With this technology, you just have to write your text or paste the link to hear it at load.

Can I Find Easy To Use Text To Speech Apps?

How does it exactly work? This artificial technology creates a human-like voice from a collection of sounds in all languages. An example would be Siri or any voice assistant when it reads a result from a search. You can hear the text as if someone else were narrating it. Of all the Text To Speech Apps you would find, we select the best three: Woord, Natural Reader, and Human Voice TTS.

Can I Find Easy To Use Text To Speech Apps?


This voice synthesizer has at least 60 voices from 10 different languages! You also have some regional accents like British English, Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese, and much more. The audio you will have is high-quality and you can save it as an MP3 for later uses. 

Next to the idiom selection, you will have three gender options to customize your voice better. They are male, female, and neutral. You won’t need an account, only to download the app and enter the text! Get ready to improve your knowledge and save time with Woord, is the easiest app to use.

Can I Find Easy To Use Text To Speech Apps?

Natural Reader

This alternative is excellent for converting text to speech from PDF, webpages, or any digital document you have. It will read it aloud clearly, using over 50 realistic-sounding voices in 20 languages. You can modify the appearance of the app, the speed of the speaker, or even add a new word pronunciation.    

Natural Reader is very simple to understand. In a few words, all that you have to do is to copy and paste what you want to hear. Another way is to connect it to your Google Drive account to have direct access to read your files from your phone. You will improve your reading experience and learn a lot

Can I Find Easy To Use Text To Speech Apps?

Human Voice

Human Voice is an application that will help you to create perfect audio for videos if you follow only three steps. First, you have to insert or type text, then, you can choose a voice that you are comfortable with. And lastely, you must click on export to save your voiceover! 

It has more than 38 languages to support you with and 200 male and female voices. Also, you can change some special features like speed, pauses, and more. There is no character limit, and all the speakers available are free. You won’t lose any time trying to figure out how to use it, just give it a try!

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